27 March 2015

Should college be a “safe space”?

Robert Wright and Judith Shulevitz, author of the New York Times essay "In college and hiding from scary ideas," debate a campus trend. Play entire video

Why you’ll never be able to “upload” your consciousness

John Horgan and the anonymous science writer Neuroskeptic discuss. Plus: How to reform scientific research.   Play entire video

Defining lumbersexuality

Scott Shaffer explains the Minnesota origins of a new male fashion trend. Plus: Where is Minnesota? North!   Play entire video

Israel’s swing voters

Kevin Glass and John Tabin talk about why it’s common for Israeli voters to remain undecided until election day. Plus: Is Netanyahu the leader Republicans wish they had?   Play entire video

Political implications of Meerkat

Daniel Strauss and Matt Fuller discuss the new video livestreaming app. Plus: Never tweet?   Play entire video

The NFL’s health crisis

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss the retirement of 24-year old Chris Borland. Plus: Aaron Schock’s Downfall Abbey.   Play entire video

Yes, Iran has a right to enrich uranium

Robert Wright and international law expert Tyler Cullis explain. Plus: Why Obama can cut an Iran deal without Congress.   Play entire video

How Wisconsin went right-to-work

Betsy Woodruff and Jessie Opoien discuss how the state, which was once a labor stronghold, passed a major law weakening unions. Plus: Does Scott Walker have national viability?   Play entire video

Did Netanyahu’s speech backfire?

Robert Farley and Matt Duss consider. Plus: Will the GOP Iran letter help Obama?   Play entire video


A kinder, gentler Ted Cruz?

playBhTV video

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis consider whether Cruz will tone down his rhetoric.   Play entire video

The Wright Show

Don’t send ground troops to fight ISIS

playBhTV video

Robert Wright and Graeme Wood, author of “What ISIS Really Wants,” discuss military strategy against the group. Plus: Is ISIS “very Islamic“?   Play entire video

The Wright Show

Moving from “land for peace” to “rights for peace”

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Yousef Munayyer argues that Palestinians should embrace a new strategy. Plus: Why Netanyahu’s win is good for Palestine.   Play entire video

The Wright Show

Will the US stop protecting Israel at the UN?

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Robert Wright and Lisa Goldman consider. Plus: How Netanyahu’s victory could be good for the left.   Play entire video

The Wright Show

The end of college?

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Kevin Carey discusses the vision of higher education laid out in his new book. Plus: The college doomsday machine.   Play entire video

Politicians: They’re just not like us!

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Mark Schmitt and Katherine Mangu-Ward consider what the Clinton email story reveals about the lives of American politicians. Plus: Racist frat boys and the First Amendment.   Play entire video