28 July 2016


Finding compassion for Trump

Journalist Oliver Burkeman asks meditation teacher Susan Piver, author of Start Here Now, how Buddhism gave her a new perspective on the candidate she hates.
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Which GOPers will survive Trumpocalypse?

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss how Trump has altered the careers of Republican politicians. Plus: Don’t expect Cruz 2020.

Why the Finns use sauna in diplomacy

“Saunatarian” Jack Tsonis says we tend to miss out on the social dimensions of sauna. Plus: Sauna as a spiritual experience.

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Television as a social good

Daniel Kaufman argues that television unified the country in ways that online media can’t.

An “impossible dilemma”

Glenn Loury and Heather Mac Donald discuss pleas for increased policing among communities that also distrust the cops. Plus: The facts on race-based police shootings.

Why bad cops aren’t the real problem

Criminologist and former police officer Peter Moskos says unnecessary police shootings are more about failed systems than bad policing. Plus: Stopping death by cops.

The ills of the elite

Helen Andrews critiques America’s meritocratic ruling class. Plus: Are the Ivies ruining America?

Why Trump gets to be Trump

Philosopher Cristina Bicchieri on how fear changes social norms. Plus: Analyzing entrenched traditions.

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Foreign Entanglements

Latin America: Forgotten, but not gone

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Historian Colin Snider says U.S. policy on the region often seems like an afterthought. Plus: The mood in Brazil before the Olympics.

The Glenn Show

Are whites the ones most affected by bad policing?

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Glenn Loury and economist Rajiv Sethi discuss how regional differences in law enforcement training affect police shooting outcomes.

The nitty gritty of being president

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David Frum argues that sound policy alone does not make for a competent leader. Plus: Is Trump confused about power?

The Glenn Show

The police are shooting unarmed white men, too

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Glenn Loury and John McWhorter on the seldom-discussed list of white men wrongfully killed by cops.


What would Spinoza say about modern-day USA?

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Spinoza scholar Steven Nadler argues that American politics is infected by religion. Plus: Spinoza and Buddhism.

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Trump’s dearth of women (for veep)

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis consider why no female politicians made The Donald’s short list.