29 June 2015


The end of the Confederate flag

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter reflect on how the Charleston church massacre led to the demise of a symbol of the Old South. Play entire video

Bringing “liberal” back

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss whether moderate voters are moving left. Plus: Will conservatives turn on John Roberts?

The big mistake we made about China in the ’90s

Heather Hurlburt and Dan Drezner discuss what many in the West didn’t understand about China’s economic rise. Plus: It’s a miracle! Trade promotion authority is revived

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Is the “skills gap” rubbish?

Timothy Noah and Peter Cappelli discuss whether employers are actually unable to hire appropriately skilled workers. Plus: You’re fired! Please train your replacement.

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We don’t know whether stop-and-frisk worked

Harry Siegel explains why it’s impossible to measure the effect of the controversial police tactic. Plus: Lies, damned lies, and NYC crime statistics.

Is the sexual violence in Game of Thrones necessary?

Alyssa Rosenberg argues against the charge that the show has become gratuitous. (Contains spoilers.) Plus: Can Game of Thrones end in a intellectually honest way?

Lessons from a former cop

Sociologist Peter Moskos describes what he learned from his year working as a Baltimore police officer. Plus: What explains Baltimore’s spike in violent crime?

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A makeshift home on the right

Jeet Heer and Katherine Mangu-Ward discuss why libertarians have allied with the Republican Party. Plus: A libertarian gender gap.

The future of conservative healthcare reform

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With Obamacare subsidies secure, Brian Beutler and Yevgeniy Feyman discuss state waivers. Plus: Game over for judicial challenges to Obamacare.

Rational Actors

The rich: Are they jerks?

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Timothy Lee, who recently debated the question in Vox, argues in the negative.

The Wright Show

White privilege and the moral imagination

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Robert Wright and Conor Friedersdorf discuss how empathy can better promote racial understanding. Plus: Should the government be able to scan your brain?

Woodruff & Strauss

Hillary’s ambiguity on free trade

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Betsy Woodruff and Luke Brinker discuss how a President Hillary Clinton would approach the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Plus: How do you solve a problem like The Donald?

The security to take risks

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Mark Schmitt and Monica Potts discuss the economic choices and challenges facing Millennials. Plus: Could Hillary expand the Obama coalition?

The Wright Show

Hookup culture and its discontents

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Robert Wright and Judith Shulevitz analyze the confusing sexual climate on college campuses. Plus: The quandary of drunk-on-drunk hookups.