28 July 2015


Is yoga more than just exercise?

Michelle Goldberg, author of the new book The Goddess Pose, considers the psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga.
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When theologians appeared on the cover of Time

Robert Wright and Gary Dorrien discuss the dramatic career of the influential mid-century theologian Paul Tillich. Plus: God as “the ground of being.”

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Racial “pabulum” at the New York Times

Glenn Loury inveighs against recent op-eds on race by Charles Blow and David Brooks. Plus:Ta-Nehisi Coates is no James Baldwin.”

Meditation as medication

Psychologist Miguel Farias, author of The Buddha Pill, argues that using meditation for therapy is misguided. Plus: The dark night of the soul.

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Why only Limbaugh can take down Trump

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss how to expel Trump from the GOP race. Plus: Is the Democratic coalition starting to crack up?

Donald Trump is not a joke

Paul Glastris talks to Matt Cooper about Trump’s unusual ideological appeal. Plus: Why the GOP should fear Trump going independent.

Synergy between science and religion?

David Sloan Wilson describes how evolutionary theory can inform a “meaning system” that accommodates moral values as well as science. Plus: What’s the use of religion?

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What should reporters do when candidates stay mum?

Betsy Woodruff and Daniel Strauss consider candidates like Hillary Clinton who rarely answers press questions. Plus: Self-criticism at Netroots Nation.

Do political spouses matter?

Scott Walker’s wife doesn’t hew to GOP orthodoxy. Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss whether this should be an issue in the primary. Plus: The politics of the Iran deal.

Woodruff & Strauss

Will the Clinton email scandal stick?

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Daniel Strauss and Dylan Scott consider whether questions about Hillary Clinton’s private email server will dog her campaign.

Foreign Entanglements

How Britain won the Battle Of Britain

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Robert Farley and Tony Cumming discuss how the UK’s combined air and naval power overcame Germany in the 1940s.

The Wright Show

How tough is the new Iranian inspection regime?

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Robert Wright and David Frum debate a central plank of the nuclear deal. Plus: Could Obama have gotten a better Iran deal?


Faith and fairy tales

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Judith Shulevitz argues that the Torah is true in the way that fairy tales are true. Plus: “God is in being good.”

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Pessimism, with a dose of optimism, on South Sudan

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Mark Leon Goldberg and Rebecca Hamilton consider the prospects for ending the young nation’s civil war. Plus: The White House vs. South Sudan’s president.