5 May 2015

Storytelling in novels, film, and video games

Daniel Kaufman and video game reviewer Noah Caldwell-Gervais compare artistic expression in the different mediums. Play entire video

An unpleasant first encounter with American health care

British journalist Daniel Knowles describes his treatment after a bicycle accident. Plus: What causes a riot?   Play entire video

The four forces destroying old-school blogging

Mickey Kaus, who recently quit The Daily Caller and took kausfiles independent, explains. Plus: Immigration and the Baltimore riots.   Play entire video

Rand Paul’s case for leaving Saddam in power

Matt Lewis explains why he has sympathy for Paul’s position. Plus: Will the Baltimore riots spark a law-and-order backlash?   Play entire video

Should cops be taking more risks?

Glenn Loury and Harold Pollack consider the safety of police officers and suspects. Plus: Is Cornel West wasting his gifts?   Play entire video

Candidates are brands first, people second

Betsy Woodruff and Jeff Blehar discuss the logos and brand identities of the presidential contenders. Plus: Hillary bums us out.   Play entire video

Huckabee’s populist threat

Matt Lewis and Will Rahn consider the untapped anti-establishment sentiment in America. Plus: Can the GOP become the party of cool?   Play entire video

Is Confederate nostalgia dying out?

Robert Farley and Kevin Levin discuss the South’s changing attitudes toward Lincoln and the Civil War. Plus: 150 years of Union.   Play entire video

African Americans, European Muslims, and interethnic harmony

In the context of the Charlie Hebdo attack, Robert Wright and David Frum debate language taboos. Plus: Are we Charlie Hebdo?   Play entire video

Who has veto power on campus?

playBhTV video

Angus Johnston and Robby Soave debate a recent protest of the film American Sniper at the University of Michigan.   Play entire video

Culturally Determined

Uber, but for everything

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Bill Beutler describes being a power user in the “on-demand economy.” Plus: Meet the proud future owner of an Apple Watch.   Play entire video

Rational Actors

You broke the law today

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Kevin Glass and Vikrant Reddy discuss America’s overcriminalization problem. Plus: Is criminal justice reform a conservative value?   Play entire video

The Wright Show

The case for rapprochement with Iran

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Robert Wright and Jacob Heilbrunn consider possibilities beyond the nuclear deal. Plus: Who’s the neoconiest of them all?   Play entire video

Raise the minimum wage, unleash the robots?

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Mark Schmitt and Katherine Mangu-Ward debate the effects of a higher minimum wage. Plus: The Koch primary.   Play entire video


How Clinton can fend off the Karl Rovian attack

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Heather Hurlburt and Daniel Drezner consider. Plus: Why the Iran bill is an “unambiguous win” for Obama   Play entire video