20 April 2014

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I for one am covering ALL my bases and bookmarking this

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Science Faction

Unfalsifiable physics

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How do you test new theories of cosmology? John Horgan and George Johnson discuss.   Play entire video


Always act like you’re on TV

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Reacting to leaked audio of New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, Bill Scher and Matt Lewis weigh how politicians should navigate a privacy-free world.   Play entire video


Is the Geneva agreement a breakthrough for Ukraine?

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David Klion and Olena Tregub discuss whether diplomacy can end the separatist crisis.   Play entire video

The dark art of oppo research

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Betsy Woodruff and Daniel Strauss discuss how journalists should treat leaks from rival campaigns. Plus: Scott Brown 2016?   Play entire video

The Score

The case for legal polygamy

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Michael Brendan Dougherty and Freddie deBoer discuss. Plus: The geeks have won.   Play entire video