9 February 2016


Bill Scher (CAF, Real Clear Politics, Politico) and Matt K. Lewis (The Daily Caller, MattLewis.org)

On The DMZ, Matt and Bill discuss Bill’s recent New York Times op-ed, “How Liberals Win.” Does it make Bill a corporate shill, a liberal fascist, or both?! Bill responds to Tim Carney’s critique of his piece, delving into the history of FDR’s National Recovery Act. Are liberals more optimistic about America than conservatives? They conclude by discussing what it’s like these days to publish an op-ed in the Times.

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Recorded:Jul 5    Posted:Jul 6, 2012
The DMZ | Jul 6, 2012 | Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis


A scientifically respectable “higher purpose”

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Robert Wright makes the case for a teleology that doesn’t involve “spooky forces.”

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The Glenn Show

Why your parents really matter

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Glenn Loury and Sandy Darity discuss the critical long-term financial implications of inherited and gifted wealth.

Woodruff & Strauss

Who’s surging in New Hampshire?

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Betsy Woodruff and Daniel Strauss talk about the Republican candidates jostling for position in the upcoming primary. Plus: Clinton’s Wall Street speaking fees.