28 December 2014
Recorded:Sep 12    Posted:Sep 14, 2009
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Worldwise | Sep 14, 2009 | Robert Farley & Rachel Kleinfeld

Science Faction

Paradise on Earth?

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John Horgan and George Johnson discuss the scientific optimism of E.O. Wilson’s new book, The Meaning of Human Existence.   Play entire video

Ferguson and Palestine

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Yousef Munayyer and Scott McConnell debate whether it makes sense to link the two struggles.   Play entire video

The Glenn Show

The case against Al Sharpton

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Glenn Loury and John McWhorter deliver a harsh critique of Sharpton in the wake of the murder of two NYPD officers. Plus: The trouble with “disowning your own.”   Play entire video

The bravery of Captain America’s Jewish creators

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Daniel Kaufman discuss how an important moment from the early days of comic books related to the Sony hack. Plus: In Hollywood, nobody knows anything.   Play entire video

Kill Santa?

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Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry and Adam Gurri debate what parents should tell their kids about Santa Claus.   Play entire video

The inhumanity of solitary confinement

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Daniel Teehan speaks with formerly imprisoned writer Sarah Shourd about the daily use of solitary confinement in the US. Plus: Staying sane in an Iranian prison.   Play entire video

Serial, The Wire, and the CIA torture report

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Lindsay Beyerstein discuss systemic failures. Plus: Did Serial withhold key information for fear of libel?   Play entire video


Ben Carson, clown cars, and the death of experience

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss the 2016 Republican primary. Plus: Why Elizabeth Warren is the only threat to Hillary Clinton   Play entire video


Sanctions don’t lead to regime change

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Heather Hurlburt and Dan Drezner discuss why American isolation of Cuba was never going to get rid of the Castros. Plus: Screen The Interview at the White House?   Play entire video

The Wright Show

What does Putin think of Obama’s opening to Cuba?

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Robert Wright speaks with Russia expert Steven Sestanovich. Plus: Will Russia’s economic crisis be contagious?   Play entire video