9 July 2014
Recorded:Apr 16    Posted:Apr 17, 2010
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Science Saturday | Apr 17, 2010 | John Horgan & George Johnson

The Posner Show

Has the Court gotten RFRA wrong?

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Sarah Posner and law professor Caroline Mala Corbin discuss the interpretation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act after Hobby Lobby. Plus: Why the Supreme Court’s latest contraception ruling is wrong.   Play entire video

The Wright Show

The banality of evil in the Middle East

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Robert Wright talks to Israeli psychologist Carlo Strenger about the murder of three Israeli teenagers and the subsequent murder of a Palestinian teenager.   Play entire video


Brazil’s hidden human rights problem

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Mark Leon Goldberg speaks to Hugo Godinho, reporting from São Paulo, on police abuses in his country. Plus: World Cup politics.   Play entire video

The non-Hillary hopefuls

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Daniel Strauss and Gabriel Debenedetti take a look at other 2016 Democratic presidential contenders. Plus: Soccer and the 2016 elections.   Play entire video

Rational Actors

The real “war on women”

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Kevin Glass talks to Ashe Schow, who argues that American feminists need a more global perspective. Plus: A conservative contraception plan.   Play entire video


Is Marco Rubio the Republican Bill Clinton?

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis consider. Plus: Culture war without end.   Play entire video

The Posner Show

The gospel of cutting costs

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After Hobby Lobby, could companies try to game the system? Sarah Posner and legal scholar Caroline Mala Corbin consider. Plus: Is Hobby Lobby narrow or broad?   Play entire video

The Mind Report

Psychopathy and the legal system

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Should psychopathic criminals be treated more harshly? Laurie Santos talks to Kent Kiehl, author of the new book The Psychopath Whisperer. Plus: Can psychopaths be cured?   Play entire video

The Glenn Show

Rational violence

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Is violent crime a problem of cultural values? Glenn Loury and Harold Pollack use game theory to explore the question. Plus: Obama < Nixon.   Play entire video


World Politics, World Cup

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Daniel Drezner and Heather Hurlburt use their geopolitical expertise to pick the team that’s going to win it all. Plus: Obama’s shallow Asia bench.   Play entire video