29 April 2016


Robert Farley (Lawyers, Guns and Money, University of Kentucky) and Charli Carpenter (UMass-AmherstDuck of Minerva)

On Foreign Entanglements, Rob speaks with Charli, who critiques Foreign Policy‘s recent “Sex” issue. Rob wonders why they decided to publish an issue just on sex. They then discuss how Game of Thrones subverts the foreign policy theory known as realism and offers a chilling portrayal of torture. Is Cersei Lannister the least likeable character in the series? And how are George R.R. Martin’s racial depictions better than Tolkien’s? Finally, Charli and Rob consider how pop culture can affect the study of foreign relations.

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Recorded:Dec 31    Posted:Apr 28, 2012
Foreign Entanglements | Apr 28, 2012 | Robert Farley & Charli Carpenter

Woodruff & Strauss

Is Carly Fiorina a desperation play?

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Daniel Strauss and Dylan Scott discuss the strategy behind Ted Cruz’s VP pick.


Donald Trump needs women

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis say the Republican front-runner shouldn’t use primary numbers to gauge his female support.