20 October 2014
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Commander in Chief speaks to the troops in Afghanistan

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The Wright Show

Is China’s economy about to collapse?

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Is Europe’s? And what would that mean for US markets? Richard Vague, author of The Next Economic Disaster, explains.   Play entire video

The Posner Show

Whose Catholic Church will it be?

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Sarah Posner and Patricia Miller discuss controversial comments a German bishop made about his African colleagues, which have many conservative Catholics up in arms.   Play entire video

Woodruff & Strauss

Gay Republican embroiled in sexual harassment scandal

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Betsy Woodruff and Daniel Strauss discuss the controversy surrounding GOP congressional candidate Carl DeMaio.   Play entire video


Do Republicans do better when Americans are afraid?

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis consider. Plus: The strange saga of Charlie Crist’s portable fan.   Play entire video


Putin’s savvy restriction of food imports

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Russian democracy activist Alexey Sidorenko describes how Vladimir Putin is using European Union sanctions to his advantage. Plus: Scenes from a Russian anti-war march.   Play entire video