31 March 2015
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Video from inside the Chrysler Building spire, yo!

More video on the web …

Woodruff & Strauss

The post-Reid Senate

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Daniel Strauss and Eliana Johnson discuss why Chuck Schumer has the upper hand to take over leadership of the Senate Democrats.   Play entire video

Culturally Determined

How Rotten Tomatoes has changed moviegoing

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Dylan Scott, author of a recent essay about RT, discuss the ratings aggregation site.   Play entire video

The Glenn Show

Explaining the racial “discipline gap”

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Glenn Loury and Robert Cherry debate why African-American students are so much more likely than their white peers to be punished in school. Plus: Should liberals embrace the vocational track?   Play entire video

The Wright Show

What you can’t say on campus

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Robert Wright and Judith Shulevitz discuss the rise of college hate-speech codes. Plus: Should college be a “safe space“?   Play entire video


GOP primary game theory

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis consider whether a more moderate candidate could stand up to the conservative base. Plus: A kinder, gentler Ted Cruz?   Play entire video