1 November 2014
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Video from inside the Chrysler Building spire, yo!

More video on the web …

The Posner Show

Are Americans losing patience with Israel?

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Sarah Posner and Israeli Daniel Seidemann discuss whether Americans are growing frustrated with “sloganeering” about Israel and Jerusalem.   Play entire video


Why Massachusetts may be about to elect a GOP governor

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss why the famously liberal state tends to elect Republican governors.   Play entire video

Woodruff & Strauss

Silicon Valley’s sexism problem

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Daniel Strauss and Kevin Roose discuss sexism in the tech industry. Plus: Should we welcome our new robot overlords?   Play entire video


Zombies and Ebola

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Daniel Drezner says that his book “Theories of International Politics and Zombies” eerily predicted how Americans would react to Ebola. Plus: The weird politics of Ebola quarantines.   Play entire video