17 September 2014

The Posner Show  —  March 2012

Sarah Posner invites guests from across the ideological spectrum to discuss breaking news and three-alarm issues at the intersection of politics and religion.

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Mar 27, 2012 — Sarah Posner & Paul Waldman
BhTV video

On The Posner Show, Sarah and Paul discuss this weekend’s Reason Rally. Should a secularist movement model itself on the Christian Coalition? They examine obstacles to a secularist movement gaining political influence and whether religious groups will always have an advantage. The religious right and the Republican Party are united, but Democrats worry that they have to appeal to secularists and religious voters alike. Can those two factions unite around protecting church-state separation? Plus: Do secularists need better public advocates than Richard Dawkins?

Mar 20, 2012 — Sarah Posner & E.J. Graff
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On The Posner Show, Sarah and E.J. discuss whether more aggressive efforts to restrict access to abortion and contraception have sparked a resurgent women’s movement. Can we thank Rick Santorum for this—for being honest about his views on contraception in a way that most conservatives are not? E.J. makes the argument that women’s bodies are an economic issue, not a “culture war” issue. E.J. is optimistic about young women seeing this an freedom issue, and their activism through Slutwalks, social media, and more. Is the fight over contraception really just a rear-guard attempt to undo health care reform? Plus: Are liberals underestimating the political clout of religious conservatives?

Mar 12, 2012 — Sarah Posner & Sarah Pulliam Bailey
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On the Posner Show, Sarah and Sarah Pulliam Bailey discuss the Kony 2012 video and what it means for philanthropy and social media. How do evangelical women view Rush Limbaugh and the contraception coverage debate? Will they see it as a war on religion or a war on women? Pulliam Bailey predicts issues surrounding abortion and contraception will play a big role in the elections this fall—could this benefit the Democrats? Plus: Would Romney solve his problems with evangelicals by being more human?

Mar 5, 2012 — Sarah Posner & Sarah Wildman
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On The Posner Show, Sarah and Sarah discuss the ad placed in the New York Times by the Emergency Committee for Israel  claiming that prominent liberal think tanks are “anti-Israel.” There has been an effort on the right to discredit these liberal organizations and by extension Obama and the Democratic Party. But what else does the conflict say about the state of discussion among American Jews about Israel—and the controversial term “Israel firster”? Is rational debate about these issues on Twitter impossible? Plus: Wildman’s recent piece about the web magazine 972, and whether it is changing the face of the Israeli left.