20 September 2014

Pros & Conn  —  February 2012

Political debates between conservative Conn Carroll and progressive adversaries

Feb 24, 2012 — Conn Carroll & David Weigel
BhTV video

On Pros and Conn, Dave talks about who lost the Arizona GOP debate, Rick Santorum’s big government social conservatism, the chances that a new candidate could enter the race, and why Paul Ryan might be able to pull it off. Plus: is Romney running out of rich donors?

Feb 16, 2012 — Conn Carroll & Jaime Fuller
BhTV video

On this week’s episode of Pros and Conn, Jaime Fuller talks about whether the payroll tax deal is a win for both sides, debates Obama’s budget and the Buffett Rule, and wonders if Rick Santorum could actually win this thing.

Feb 9, 2012 — Conn Carroll & Joan McCarter
BhTV video

This week on Pros and Conn, Joan McCarter appears to talk about what the results of “Pseudo Tuesday” really mean, the scene at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Republicans in disarray over renewing the payroll tax cut, and vengeance vs. the rule of law in the foreclosure fraud settlement.

Feb 2, 2012 — Conn Carroll & Armando Llorens
BhTV video

On this week’s episode of Pros and Conn, Talk Left’s Big Tent Democrat (aka Armando Llorens) talks about Romney’s win in Florida, how Cubans think about immigration, why Romney doesn’t care about poor people, and the power of Erick Erickson and Markos Moulitsas.