2 October 2014

Washington Squares  —  April 2012

Politics and policy with Michael Brendan Dougherty and guests

Apr 29, 2012 — Michael Brendan Dougherty & Daniel Strauss
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On Washington Squares, Michael talks to Daniel about politics and baseball. They begin by analyzing Obama’s varieties of coolness, and discussing whether Romney is underrated by the media. Daniel reviews Marco Rubio’s recent foreign policy speech and what it means for the veepstakes. Will Rubio be the Sarah Palin of 2012? Michael and Daniel next turn to the political writers’ pastime, baseball. They conclude by examining whether sports can elevate culture.

Apr 22, 2012 — Michael Brendan Dougherty & Michael Bull
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On Washington Squares, Michael Brendan Dougherty brings on Michael Bull, author of the Bible Matrix books. Dougherty begins by admitting that the Bible can seem like a confused jumble, even to believers. Bull explains the hidden themes and patterns in the Creation account in Genesis and how they repeat themselves throughout the entire Bible. Dougherty relates an example of hidden meaning that moves him personally, and talks about how these patterns in the Bible seem to be reflected even in history now. What is the Book of Revelation really about? And what are the hidden symbols in the physical elements of worship? Finally, Bull previews his next book, God’s Kitchen.

Apr 13, 2012 — Michael Brendan Dougherty & Adam Serwer
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On Washington Squares, Michael and Adam discuss John Derbyshire’s firing from National Review. Adam contends that much “race realism” is just a set of assertions to confirm already existing prejudices, and Michael searches for where to draw the line between intellectual inquiry about racial differences and racism. Michael worries that intellectual racism is likely to grow in the future, but Adam is more optimistic. The conversation then turns to the flap about Hilary Rosen and Ann Romney, where Michael defends political nonsense as a way for non-political junkies to engage in a debate and probe candidates. Finally, Michael launches an epic rant against the Catholic League for their attack on Rosen and their strategy of playing a victim.

Apr 1, 2012 — Michael Brendan Dougherty & Jamelle Bouie
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On Washington Squares, Michael Brendan Dougherty and Jamelle Bouie begin by asking whether the Trayvon Martin case can be separated from the larger arguments liberals and conservatives want to make about the country. Michael thinks Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law is fine on paper but bad in practice. Jamelle is surprised at the amount of open racism on the Internet, and Michael and Jamelle discuss whether racism is actually growing in the digital age. They next discuss why social progress should never be taken for granted. Jamelle argues that America will never really be a minority-majority country, and Michael finishes by asking whether “blackness” will always be America’s most prominent social divide.


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