29 June 2017


Selflessness through selflessness

Philosopher Jay Garfield, author of Engaging Buddhism, explains why Buddhists think the “self” is an illusion that leads to bad behavior.
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The siren song of anti-anti-Trumpism

Matt Lewis says the desire to oppose liberals is leading conservatives down a path of intellectual corruption. Plus: Does Karen Handel’s win mask a threat to GOP dominance?

Loving a country that doesn’t love you back

Eboo Patel, founder of Interfaith Youth Core, on America’s struggle to build a diverse society.

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The future of European defense

Heather Hurlburt and Daniel Drezner discuss how Trump could inspire Europe to take its defense into its own hands. Plus: Has the populist wave crested?

Humor in the age of Trump

Comedy writer Owen Ellickson on why it’s hard to make good jokes at the president’s expense.

TV that Americans used to share

Daniel Kaufman and David Ottlinger lament the social and political implications of television fragmentation.

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Seneca’s tips for anger management

Massimo Pigliucci, author of the new book How to Be a Stoic, offers some classical self-help advice.

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Piercing McMaster’s mystique

Historian Daniel Bessner argues that the “warrior-scholar” serving as National Security Advisor has a narrow strategic vision. Plus: Will Comey’s testimony change anything?

Civility on the campaign trail

Bill Scher on how “above board” politics in the Democratic primary helped unify the electorate. Plus: Do Dems have a “unity edge” over Republicans?


The art of letting go

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Sharon Salzberg, author of the new book Real Love, on what Buddhists mean when they warn against emotional attachments. Plus: What’s harder: Loving yourself or loving your enemy?

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The origin of suffering

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Linda Blanchard, author of Dependent Arising in Context, explains a central Buddhist teaching. Plus: What do feelings do?

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Foreign Entanglements

Connecting dots across the pond

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Political scientists Robert Farley and David Brockington discuss whether it makes sense to compare election trends across the UK, France, and the US. Plus: Jeremy Corbyn as a case for compromise.

Global Dispatches

The ones who can’t get out

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Alexandra Bilak, Director of the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, explains the challenge of aiding populations who are forced to migrate within national borders.

The Glenn Show

On the hunt for heretics at Evergreen State College

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Glenn Loury and John McWhorter consider parallels between unrest at the school and the nature of religious zealotry. Plus: Should HBO fire Bill Maher?

The Wright Show

Trump and the realignment of American politics

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Political scientist Darren Beattie argues that the traditional conservative/liberal paradigm no longer makes sense. Plus: Why Trump and not just Trumpism?