25 July 2017


Is “horseshoe theory” valid?

Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Kumars Salehi debate whether the extremes of the political spectrum converge. Play entire video

The case against embracing single-payer

Bill Scher argues that Democrats haven’t thought through the consequences. Plus: Will Republicans move on from health care?

Humanitarian solutions to political problems

Deepmala Mahla, Mercy Corps’ Country Director of South Sudan, on the uphill battle against famine in South Sudan. Plus: How direct cash transfers save lives.

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“Volunteers for death”

Journalist Murtaza Hussain and Olivier Roy, author of the new book Jihad and Death, on what ISIS really wants. Plus: The future of ISIS.

What the hell is a law?

Crispin Sartwell, author of Entanglements, describes a materialist view of social realities. Plus: Penetrated by reality.

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Robots who reject polyamory

Bioethicists James Hughes and Regina Rini explain how artificial intelligence could shape the future of human morality. Plus: Raising moral machines.

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Lies, damn lies, and the stories Trump tells

Glenn Loury and Harold Pollack debate whether we should worry about the White House’s looseness with truth. Plus: The illegitimate president?

Where is the public support for antitrust laws?

Matt Stoller, Fellow at New America, says there’s rare bipartisan support for greater regulation of the tech industry but no pressure to make it happen. Plus: Reining in the tech giants.

Trump’s attack playbook

Matt Lewis on parallels between the way Trump treats the media and the way he treated his opponents in the GOP primary. Plus: Did CNN do wrong?

The Glenn Show

Learning begins at home

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Glenn Loury and John McWhorter on how cultural differences can explain racial disparities in aptitude testing. Plus: In search of the “intelligence gene”


Degrees of agency

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Philosopher Crispin Sartwell uses the 12-step program to illustrate his views on responsibility without free will. Plus: Is the state necessary?

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Foreign Entanglements

How the U.S. enables kleptocracy

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Political scientist Alexander Cooley on how lax regulations help corrupt foreign officials hide their money. Plus: Trump, the tycoon president.


Can the working class become knowledge workers?

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Matt Lewis says that offering free college won’t fix what’s wrong in rural America. Plus: Don’t hold your breath for impeachment.


Skimming the surface of sleep

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Jason Siff, author of Thoughts Are Not The Enemy, explains why he allows his students to fall asleep during meditation. Plus: Think again, meditators!

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The Wright Show

Orwell vs. Huxley: Whose dystopia are we living in?

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Brooke Gladstone, author of The Trouble With Reality, on parallels between 1984, Brave New World, and our current age. Plus: This is your brain on partisanship.