21 January 2022


Black patriotism, then and now

Glenn Loury and journalist Heather Mac Donald discuss Glenn's speech "The Case for Black Patriotism" and Heather's recent explorations of African American literature. Play entire video

A very high bang-per-buck arms industry executive

Robert Wright and Richard Hanania, author of Public Choice Theory and the Illusion of Grand Strategy, discuss a man who helped start both the Iraq War and the expansion of NATO.

Exporting authoritarianism

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus debate whether China’s authoritarianism and surveillance technology will pose a threat to the world.

Revisiting the Lani Guinier controversy

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter discuss Lani Guinier’s contributions to our ideas about voting rights, her nomination to a position in the Clinton administration, and Clinton’s subsequent withdrawal of that nomination.

Leveling the playing field

Robert Wright and anthropologist Agustín Fuentes discuss the issues that arise when trans women compete in women’s sports.

“Insurrection” or “meth behavior”?

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss the legal and political consequences of January 6 a year later.

The End

The biologist Edward O. Wilson, who passed away over the holidays, spoke with Robert Wright two decades ago about facing death without hope of an afterlife.

Black self-making

In this clip from July 2, 2021, Glenn Loury and John McWhorter discuss the ability of black communities to determine their own paths.

And the winner is … Steve Bannon

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus confer the not-so-prestigious Villain of the Year award on the right-wing provocateur.

Culturally Determined

Debating “Biden-Cheney 2024?”

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Chris Novembrino consider Tom Friedman’s controversial column that argued for a cross-party coalition to oppose Trump.


How real is Don’t Look Up?

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Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis debate whether Adam McKay’s film accurately depicts our current media and political environment.

Culturally Determined

The strange history of the Transformers

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Milton Lawson discuss the unusual origins of the ’80s action figures.

The Glenn Show

Restoring vulnerable communities from within

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Glenn Loury and Robert Woodson discuss some of the ways that Woodson Center-supported programs are helping communities in need.

Culturally Determined

Getting canceled as a savvy career move

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade talks with Douglas Lain, who was recently ejected from his role running the leftwing publisher Zer0 Books, which published Angela Nagle’s controversial book Kill All Normies in 2017.

The Wright Show

The “humanitarian” rationale for harmful US actions

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Robert Wright, Daniel Larison, and Kelley B. Vlahos discuss what they consider a major problem with US foreign policy.