23 June 2017


What do feelings do?

Linda Blanchard, author of Dependent Arising in Context, explains how meditation can give you a different perspective on grief.
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Civility on the campaign trail

Bill Scher on how “above board” politics in the Democratic primary helped unify the electorate. Plus: Do Dems have a “unity edge” over Republicans?

Trump and the realignment of American politics

Political scientist Darren Beattie argues that the traditional conservative/liberal paradigm no longer makes sense. Plus: Why Trump and not just Trumpism?

Does Karen Handel’s win mask a threat to GOP dominance?

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis consider whether Georgia’s close special election foreshadows trouble for Republicans.

The “Trump Effect”

Marietje Schaake, Member of the European Parliament, on Europe’s reaction to political upheaval in the U.S.

Seeing Trump stabbed on stage

Theater director Jack Tamburri, who has seen the controversial production of Julius Caesar, analyzes what the play is trying to achieve.

Jeremy Corbyn as a case for compromise

Political scientist David Brockington argues that Corbyn’s moderation facilitated Labour’s surge in support.

Will centrist liberals beat the populists?

Bill Scher on what it would mean for Democrats if Ossoff wins Georgia’s special election. Plus: Did Trump obstruct justice?

Animal people

Science journalists John Horgan and George Johnson discuss whether the law should treat certain animals as people. Plus: Is everything conscious?

The Glenn Show

On the hunt for heretics at Evergreen State College

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John McWhorter and Glenn Loury consider parallels between unrest at the school and the nature of religious zealotry. Plus: Should HBO fire Bill Maher?

Piercing McMaster’s mystique

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Historian Daniel Bessner argues that the “warrior-scholar” serving as National Security Advisor has a narrow strategic vision. Plus: Will Comey’s testimony change anything?


What’s harder: Loving yourself or loving your enemy?

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Sharon Salzberg, author of the new book Real Love, on how mindfulness and meditation can help you do both.

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Has the populist wave crested?

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Heather Hurlburt and Dan Drezner on why Trump’s election may have stymied nationalist populism in Europe–for now.

Culturally Determined

“One of the most sinister crimes in American history”

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Journalist David Grann on Killers of the Flower Moon, his new book about a forgotten series of murders.


Why don’t pigs fly?

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Massimo Pigliucci on the link between form, function, and “purpose” in natural selection. Plus: What Sam Harris gets wrong about science and morality.

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