28 January 2021


Bloggingheads.tv videos — January 2013


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Jan 11, 2013 — Conor Friedersdorf & James Poulos
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On Friedersdorf, James and Conor kick things off by discussing Chuck Hagel’s nomination. James ponders the fairness of calling his foreign policy views un-American, and Conor argues such views have a long history in this country. On domestic matters, Conor asks how pessimistic James is about the future of conservatism. Is Glenn Beck, rather than Fox News, pointing toward a viable future? Conor looks at California to explain why he isn’t a Democrat. James examines the intersection of guns, fear, and politics, and they focus on personal improvements in local communities as an alternative to national legislation.
Jan 10, 2013 — Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis
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On The DMZ: What does RG3’s knee have to do politics? Do journalists just not get what it means to be a professional athlete? Matt and Bill remember Richard Ben Cramer and the legacy of What It Takes, and recommend some other great books about politics. Has George Will become a libertarian? Plus: Dick Armey gets hilariously confused.
Jan 10, 2013 — Glenn Loury & John McWhorter
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The Glenn Show
On The Glenn Show, John describes the book he’s writing on how language does and doesn’t shape our view of the world. Glenn reports on the economists’ annual conference, including a caucus of African-American scholars who gathered there. John and Glenn reminisce about being declared “outcasts” by their black professional peers. Glenn remembers the work of the great and recently deceased social scientist Albert Hirschman, and they speculate on what “true loyalty” to one’s group, nation or culture might mean. Has the era of the towering public intellectual passed? They conclude by expressing their very different views about the affirmative action case pending before the Supreme Court.
Jan 9, 2013 — Sarah Posner & Brent E. Sasley
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The Posner Show
On The Posner Show, Sarah talks with Brent about how “pro-Israel” groups have dominated the debate over the Hagel nomination. Brent argues their dominance is due, in part, to the de-democratization of American Jewish organizations. Is the term “Jewish lobby” anti-Semitic, and is the term “Israel lobby” even accurate? Brent and Sarah discuss the role of Christian Zionists. What should we make of Rand Paul’s trip to Israel? Plus: Can we talk about the Palestinians?
Jan 7, 2013 — Adam Serwer & Jelani Cobb
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On Adamize, Adam and Jelani dig into Django Unchained. Jelani argues that the movie failed, citing the overuse over the “n-word.” Adam admires how Django inverts the archetype of the classic Western film. They explore the troubling character of Stephen, the ominous house slave played by Samuel L. Jackson. Did Tarantino err by basing the movie on mythology instead of actual history? Adam criticizes the film’s treatment of gender, and Jelani explains why Russians didn’t like Tarantino’s previous film, Inglorious Basterds. Finally, how will the film be taken by the many moviegoers who are ignorant of American history?