28 March 2020


Why are Mormons so happy?

Robert Wright speaks with Ruth Whippman, author of the book America the Anxious.
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The danger of trauma becoming an identity

Aryeh Cohen-Wade speaks with Jesse Singal, author of the recent article “The Rise of PTSD.”

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Debating universal basic income

Economists Glenn Loury and Rajiv Sethi debate regular payments from the government in the wake of coronavirus.

Comparing catastrophes

Robert Wright and psychologist Paul Bloom discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic is and isn’t like climate change.

Buddhist wisdom via snakes and lizards

Narayan Helen Liebenson, author of the book The Magnanimous Heart: Compassion and Love, Loss and Grief, Joy and Liberation, recalls her months of meditation in a jungle in Thailand.

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Will the coronavirus kill globalism?

Damon Linker argues that the virus could lead to a surge in nationalism.

The mass psychology of coronavirus shutdowns

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter discuss the motivations driving social distancing behaviors.

The strange argument that Pete Buttigieg isn’t queer enough

Phoebe Maltz Bovy, Kat Rosenfield, and Katie Herzog critique a recent article by Masha Gessen.

The Glenn Show

A massive recession vs. 600K deaths

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Glenn Loury and Harold Pollack engage in a grim thought experiment.

The Glenn Show

A mandatory testing regime?

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Economist Larry Kotlikoff describes his plan to contain the coronavirus, but Glenn Loury is skeptical.

The Glenn Show

“Everyone should be a capitalist in a pandemic”

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Glenn Loury and Heather Mac Donald consider the economics of the coronavirus.

The Wright Show

The upside of fear

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Robert Wright speaks with health care policy expert Christen Linke Young about the coronavirus epidemic.


Kamala vs. Klobuchar (for VP)

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis debate possible Biden vice-presidential picks.