8 March 2021


Rejecting “shut up and calculate”

Philosopher Tim Maudlin explains why he thinks that quantum mechanics is not as resistant to interpretation as some people think.
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Will there ever be a bipartisan breakthrough?

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss whether Democrats are making a mistake by leading with bills drafted by one party alone.

The Copernican revolution in philosophy

Robert Wright and David Ottlinger discuss Kant’s understanding of the relationship between the mind and the world.

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Substack but for porn

Aryeh Cohen-Wade speaks with journalist and sex worker Cathy Reisenwitz about OnlyFans.

Why Trump will keep making headlines

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss media incentives in the Biden era.


Can conservatism survive Trump’s commandeering of the annual CPAC conference? Matt Lewis and Bill Scher discuss.

Solving the mystery of dark matter

Robert Wright talks with Nobel Prize-winning physicist Frank Wilczek, author of the new book Fundamentals, about the axion, a hypothesized particle that could explain why much of the universe’s mass seems to be missing.

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How Rush tanked Trump’s 2020 campaign

Mickey Kaus argues that the late broadcaster is partly responsible for Trump losing the election.

How intellectual disagreements on race get personal

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter consider why it’s now so difficult to engage in debates on race and racism in the U.S.

The Wright Show

Why are we still in Afghanistan?

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Robert Wright argues that it’s time for the U.S. to withdraw its troops.

The Glenn Show

The unintentional racism of anti-racism advocates

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Glenn Loury and John McWhorter consider the negative consequences of anti-racist efforts in education.

The Glenn Show

Changing the narrative on race in America

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Glenn Loury explains his efforts to emphasize the “development narrative” in American racial discourse.

Culturally Determined

The many ways the media mistreated Britney

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Alana May Johnson talk about the new documentary Framing Britney Spears.


The far left, the far right, and the far out

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Nikita Petrov pitches a premise for a metaphysical system to John Horgan: ideas as living beings that enter this world through humans.

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Ted Cruz checks out

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Is Cruz’s baffling trip to Cancun a sign that he’s given up his presidential ambitions? Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss.