16 December 2017


The two-state solution is kaput. Now what?

After Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Robert Wright and Amjad Atallah discuss how Palestinians can shift their strategy for gaining their freedom. Play entire video

Is Roy Moore hurting the pro-life cause?

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss the threat the candidate poses to the GOP’s core identity.

A multicultural manifesto

Dan Kaufman and philosopher Bryan Van Norden, author of the new book Taking Back Philosophy, discuss the threat that anti-intellectualism poses to the discipline.

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When choices aren’t created equal

Brink Lindsey, co-author of the new book The Captured Economy, and Josh Cohen discuss the difference between equal opportunity and equal outcome. Plus: When unions show no sign of return.

Sympathy for the devil

What happens if you view perpetrators of sexual assault and harassment in a deterministic light? Robert Wright and philosopher Shaun Nichols discuss.

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Organized distraction

Ellen Leanse, author of the new book The Happiness Hack, describes what happens to the brain during a social-media binge session.

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Pro-choice in Alabama

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis analyze Doug Jones’s chances against the scandal-engulfed Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race

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“Are you 18 or older?”

Kate Lister, author of the upcoming book A Curious History of Sex, explains how overexposure to pornography is changing sex norms for teenagers.

Reevaluating Biden in the wake of Weinstein

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss Joe Biden’s 2020 chances in light of his history with women.


Is Steve Bannon just a stopped clock?

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis analyze Bannon’s anti-establishment strategy in the wake of Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama.

Culturally Determined

The problem with public apologies

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Katy Waldman discuss the apologies of Louis C.K. and other men who have been accused of sexual harassment.


Machine. Ghost optional.

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Robert Wright and science journalist John Horgan discuss the range of thought on the mind-body problem, from pure materialism to panpsychism.

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The Wright Show

After the purge

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Judith Shulevitz on whether the sexual misconduct scandals will usher in a woman-friendly workplace.

The Glenn Show

Surviving college as a conservative

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Philippe Lemoine explains how conservative students can learn to thrive on liberal college campuses. Plus: Changing the narrative on police brutality.

Send a message: Don’t vote

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Jorge Juan Rodriguez V explains how voter abstention made a powerful political statement in Puerto Rico’s recent independence plebiscite. Plus: What our laws say about who we are.