26 May 2017


Can Republicans pass their “Better Way” tax plan?

Economist Laurence Kotlikoff on why the House bill is unlikely to gain bipartisan support. Play entire video

Those gun-loving Democrats

Bill Scher on whether liberal politicians will soften their Second Amendment stance to win votes.

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Electioneering as a religious practice

Levi McLaughlin explains how Japan’s largest “new religion” influences legislation. Plus: The “nation-state” religion.

The Brazilian scandals that won’t go away

Historian Colin Snider on new information that could bring down President Michel Temer.

Is this the beginning of the end for GOP power?

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis consider whether Trump is dooming his party’s electoral chances. Plus: What Roger Ailes wrought.

Ancient self-help

Philosopher Massimo Pigliucci uses Stoicism to counsel people on letting things go. Plus: Stoicism—the Swiss Army knife of philosophies!

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How liberal litigation bred Trumpism

Damon Linker says progressives might have been better off trying to win arguments instead of lawsuits. Plus: Was the Comey firing a calculated political act?

The fascism of antifascists

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter debate what motivates radical protestors. Plus: The gospel of the left.

Foreign Entanglements

Will South Korea bring back its “Sunshine Policy”?

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Ankit Panda on whether South Korea’s new president will pursue friendlier relations with Kim Jong-un. Plus: Kim Jong-un’s new missile: Better, stronger, faster?


Making new friends through common enemies

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Psychologist Jay Van Bavel on the roots of partisan­ship. Plus: How cognitive biases shape our reality.

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The Wright Show

Why China won’t stop Kim Jong-un

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Arms control expert Jeffrey Lewis on China’s strategy for dealing with North Korea’s nuclear program. Plus: How do you solve a problem like North Korea?

The Glenn Show

How to make the justice system more just for black Americans

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Professor of Law James Forman, author of the new book Locking Up Our Own, on why blaming harsh laws for injustice is inadequate. Plus: The root causes of mass incarceration.


Washington’s Trump fatigue

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Matt Lewis says the president is testing the limits of Republican support. Plus: Should the media moderate its Comey coverage?

The Wright Show

Improving the marketplace of ideas

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Daniel Drezner, author of the new book The Ideas Industry, on how to change intellectual debate in America. Plus: The triumph of the thought leader.