27 May 2023


DeSantis’s and Ukraine’s Incursions

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss worrisome Ukraine war developments, Putin’s chances of going nuclear, DeSantis's bumpy declaration, the debt ceiling fight, and more! Play entire video

Why do we cry?

Robert Wright and Rev. Benjamin Perry—author of the new book “Cry, Baby”—discuss the functions of weeping.

Sam Altman and senate softballs

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss what senators should have asked the OpenAI CEO at this week’s AI hearing.

The “triple scam” of wokeness

Glenn Loury and Norman Finkelstein compare the life and work of W.E.B. Du Bois to that of Ibram X. Kendi.

14th Amendment Remedy

On this week’s DMZ, Bill Scher tells Matt K. Lewis why he thinks Homeland Security head Mayorkas deserves a medal for his work on the border. Plus: Will Biden use the 14th amendment on the debt ceiling? And has DeSantis gotten his groove back?

Putin’s prickly chef, Trump’s town hall

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss signs of division in Moscow, Ukraine’s battlefield chances, the GOP presidential campaigns, and more.

The epic failures of US foreign policy

Robert Wright and economist Jeffrey Sachs discuss America’s missed opportunity to create a more just and peaceful post-Cold-War world.

RFK, Here to Stay?

On this week’s DMZ, Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss RFK Jr.—should he be treated as a credible presidential candidate? Plus: McVeigh’s influence on today’s GOP; Is Thomas eroding trust in the Supreme Court?; And the state of debt limit negotiations

Israel-Palestine in a multipolar world

Robert Wright and Middle-East expert Daniel Levy discuss how shifting international power dynamics could affect the conflict.

The Glenn Show

The Jordan Neely problem

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Glenn Loury and John McWhorter discuss the killing of Jordan Neely on the New York City subway and the sometimes alarming nature of encounters with the homeless and mentally ill.


It’s Ron DeSantis Day!

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On this week’s DMZ, Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis go deep on DeSantis: Did he miss his moment? Is his gubernatorial record all that good? And why he is spending so much time with Elon Musk?

Nonzero (The Wright Show)

The singularity is… ne’er?

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Timothy B. Lee, author of the newsletter Understanding AI, tells Robert Wright why he’s skeptical of superintelligent AI takeoff theories.


The Verdict Is In

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On this week’s DMZ: Will being found liable for sexual abuse bring down Trump? Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss. Plus: Why did Biden change tack on the debt limit? And should we take the Hunter Biden investigation seriously?

Nonzero (The Wright Show)

Was the Kremlin drone attack a false flag?

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Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss the strike on Moscow and who might have been behind it.

Nonzero (The Wright Show)

Tucker in 2024?

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Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus also discuss Biden’s cheat sheets, Disney’s feud with DeSantis, and Ukraine’s looming offensive.