23 January 2020


A failed feminist gesture

Kat Rosenfield and Phoebe Maltz Bovy critique the New York Times's dual endorsement of Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren. Play entire video

Stephen King and diversity vs. quality

Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Kat Rosenfield analyze King’s controversial tweets about his Oscar nomination votes.

Being a parent is a spiritual path

John Horgan speaks with psychologist Steve Taylor, author of the book Spiritual Science, about pursuing a contemplative life while raising children.

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Will Iraq actually expel US forces?

Robert Wright and Eli Lake debate the American role in Iraq after the assassination of Suleimani.

What good comes from highlighting the good stuff?

Robert Wright speaks with Zachary Karabell, who is creating a group of thinkers called the Progress Network, about the relative merits of upbeat and downbeat assessments of the world situation.

Trump’s mixed messages on Iran

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis analyze the killing of Gen. Suleimani and the Iranian reaction.

What—if anything—is moral truth?

Robert Wright and philosopher Gideon Rosen discuss the meaning of the term “moral realism.”

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Examining “toxic femininity”

Glenn Loury talks to Meghan Daum, author of the new book The Problem with Everything: My Journey Through the New Culture Wars.

The Glenn Show

Critiquing The Enigma of Clarence Thomas

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Glenn Loury and law professor Scott Gerber review Corey Robin’s new book on the Supreme Court Justice.

Culturally Determined

The many reasons Tulsi drives people crazy

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Michael Tracey explore why Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is such a controversial figure.

Feminine Chaos

The great bed frame debate

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Kat Rosenfield and Phoebe Maltz Bovy analyze a viral tweet advising women to not date men who don’t own bed frames.