15 November 2019


The meaning of “ok boomer”

Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Daniel Kaufman analyze the meme that young people are using to dismiss their elders. Play entire video

The online porn effect

Daniel Kaufman and Meghan Daum, author of the new book The Problem with Everything, discuss the ways that online pornography has changed Millennials’ attitudes toward sex.

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“It’s hard to be an individual”

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter reflect on the draw of identifying with your identity group.

The Kentucky upset

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis analyze GOP Gov. Matt Bevin’s surprising loss.

Is the era of grand strategy over?

Heather Hurlburt and Daniel Drezner consider the future of US foreign policy.

Reasons to think we’re living in a simulation

Philosopher Preston Greene explains why some very smart people think reality is unlikely to be real.

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The quasi-cancellation of Jeff Goldblum

Kat Rosenfield and Phoebe Maltz Bovy analyze the strange campaign of online insinuations against the actor.

The imminent humanitarian crisis in Idlib

Robert Wright speaks with Sarah Leah Whitson of Human Rights Watch about the Syrian city that is threatened by the Assad regime.

Bernie is old and he yells—does that matter?

Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Micah Uetricht debate the political consequences of Sanders’s age and temperament.

The Glenn Show

Why a wealth tax probably wouldn’t work

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Glenn Loury and Steven Teles critique the idea that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have embraced.

The Wright Show

RFK’s war on Jimmy Hoffa

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Robert Wright speaks with Jack Goldsmith, author of the new book In Hoffa’s Shadow, about Robert F. Kennedy’s vendetta against the mafia-connected labor leader.

The Wright Show

Why was Jimmy Hoffa killed?

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Jack Goldsmith, author of the new book In Hoffa’s Shadow and the stepson of Hoffa’s right-hand man, Chuckie O’Brien, discusses.


Why Tulsi won’t run third party

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis analyze Rep. Gabbard’s recent moves.

Culturally Determined

Scorsese disses comic book movies, nerds go nuts

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade and comic book writer Milton Lawson discuss the controversial comments by filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

The Glenn Show

The problem with focusing on problems

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Glenn Loury speaks with Coleman Hughes, author of the recent essay “The Case for Black Optimism.”