15 October 2018


An antidote to political tribalism: “lottocracy”

Philosopher Alex Guerrero argues that a system where politicians are selected by lottery from the general populace would heal America's fractured politics.
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Is what happens on Twitter real or fake?

Aryeh Cohen-Wade speaks with Lauren Oyler, who recently wrote about social media’s effects in The Baffler.

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Costs now, possible benefits for our grandkids

Glenn Loury and climate scientist Patrick T. Brown discuss the difficulties in fighting climate change.

Who started the new Cold War?

Robert Wright and Peter Beinart discuss the roles of Russia and the US in raising tensions between them.

Buddhist wisdom for the Trump era

Robert Wright speaks with Lama Surya Das about trying to view the turbulent events of the day with equanimity.

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Not your typical job interview

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis debate whether the level of scrutiny faced by Brett Kavanaugh or Christine Blasey Ford is justified.

“Deny, deny, deny”

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis analyze Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony.

What’s with Glenn Greenwald and Jennifer Rubin?

Robert Wright and Fox News commentator Greg Gutfeld, author of the new book The Gutfeld Monologues, discuss the psychological factors that have scrambled the ideological landscape in the age of Trump.


How to use an “implementation intention”

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Psychologist John Bargh, author of Before You Know It: The Unconscious Reasons We Do What We Do, describes a technique that helps you do hard-to-do things.

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Will conservative anger last until November?

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis debate whether Republican momentum from the Kavanaugh hearings will bear out on Election Day.

Culturally Determined

Kavanaugh the choir boy vs. Kavanaugh the party boy

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Cathy Young consider the two versions of the nominee.

Assessing a “social wealth fund”

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Maha Rafi Atal and Samuel Hammond analyze the new proposal by Matt Bruenig of the People’s Policy Project.


The hot new trend of being a homebody

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade speaks with Kaitlyn Tiffany, who recently wrote about the “homebody economy” for Vox.

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The Glenn Show

“Men propose, and women dispose”

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Amy Wax argues that women have to act as gatekeepers for male sexual misbehavior.