2 February 2023


Do most Russians support the Ukraine war?

Nikita Petrov talks about political repression, public opinion, and Kremlin propaganda in his home country. Play entire video

Pat Buchanan Retires

On this week’s DMZ, Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss the legacy of the newly-retired Pat Buchanan. Plus: Is White Lotus conservative?; The debt limit showdown; and will Haley take on Trump?

A false flag in Ukraine?

Political scientist Ivan Katchanovski argues that the 2014 Maidan massacre was perpetrated mainly by snipers from far-right groups in hopes that the government would be blamed.

Biden’s chances in 2024

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus debate the odds of reelection.

The false promise of net zero emissions

Glenn Loury and physicist Steven Koonin discuss how the push to halt carbon emissions obscures the limits of climate science.

Pitfalls of perspective taking

Robert Wright and meditation teacher Josh Summers discuss some of the challenges of employing cognitive empathy in daily life.

The unified field theory of non-whiteness

In this excerpt from their 2022 “best of” episode, Glenn Loury and John McWhorter discuss the possible fragmentation of a political coalition of “people of color” in the US.

Is Musk a “great man” of tech history?

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus debate the value of the Twitter owner’s societal and historical contributions.

The Glenn Show

Is another Harlem Renaissance possible?

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Glenn Loury and John McWhorter discuss the achievements of the Harlem Renaissance writers and how they compare to the mindset of contemporary Black Studies programs.


Biden’s Classified Docs Scandal

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Mishandled classified documents. Grounded planes. Gas stoves. Have Democrats lost their edge already in 2023? Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss in this week’s DMZ.


Goodbye Norma Desmond

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Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss McCarthy’s election to House Speaker. Plus: The debt limit showdown, Dem in-fighting on immigration, and is Trump’s star fading?

The Glenn Show

The Revolt against the elites

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Glenn Loury and political philosopher Michael Sandel discuss working-class resentment against elites that gave rise to Trump’s presidency.