30 November 2023


What Really Happened at OpenAI?

Timothy B. Lee, author of the newsletter Understanding AI, and Robert Wright discuss the Sam Altman drama, its causes, and its fallout. Play entire video

Biden’s Israel-Palestine dilemma

Robert Wright and political analyst Omar Baddar discuss the President’s political calculus.

Is AI Evolving into an Existential Threat?

Dan Hendrycks of the Center for AI Safety and Robert Wright discuss the dangerous Darwinian dynamics of AI development, the prospects for AI safety in a tribalized world, understanding AI “psychologically”, and more.

Getting Russia Right

Robert Wright and Thomas Graham, author of the new book Getting Russia Right, discuss stalemate in Ukraine, Putin’s “messianic” transformation, and the future of relations with Moscow.

A History of Dem ‘Bedwetting’

On this week’s DMZ, Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss whether anti-Semitism is on the rise, the history of Democratic bedwetting, whether Israel is losing the PR war, and more.

China’s Overreach, America’s Overreaction

Robert Wright and political scientist Susan Shirk, author of the book Overreach, discuss Chinese politics, US foreign policy, and how the superpowers can improve relations.

Iran’s crisis of legitimacy

Reza Aslan talks with Glenn Loury about Iran’s domestic instability and precarious geopolitical position.

Noospheres of Influence

Robert Wright and Paul Bloom talk better talks, work-life (im)balances, SBF vs. Elon Musk, the evolving thinking envelope of the Earth, and more.

Israel, Palestine, and America

Robert Wright and journalist Ron Kampeas discuss the political fallout of the Gaza war.


Can Trump Be Stopped?

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Does Nikki Haley have a real shot at an upset? Or is the Republican primary effectively over? Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss on this week’s DMZ.

The Glenn Show

Are Jewish students in danger?

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Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Daniel Bessner, and Tyler Austin Harper debate whether Jewish students are right to feel unsafe on campus.

The Glenn Show

Solidarity, not segregation

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Glenn Loury and Yascha Mounk discuss the necessity of finding a middle ground between race abolitionism and racial essentialism.

Nonzero (The Wright Show)

Israel-Palestine and Ethnic Identity

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Robert Wright and Matthew Yglesias discuss the crisis in Gaza, its impact on American politics, the chances of a wider war, and the prospects for eventual resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.


Glenn Youngkin’s Belly Flop

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Did Glenn Youngkin prove that a 15-week abortion ban is a political loser? Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss on this week’s DMZ.

The Glenn Show

Are pro-Hamas statements a fireable offense?

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Are employers and universities justified in firing or otherwise censuring employees and students who offer verbal and written support of Hamas? Glenn and John debate the question.