28 January 2021



Matt Lewis and Bill Scher discuss what Democrats can do now that Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are keeping the filibuster in place. Play entire video

In this video:

Matt Lewis and Bill Scher explore whether the Senate can convict Trump, if the GOP establishment has the courage to take on Trump, and if Democrats can legislate with the filibuster in place.

Just drop the sanctions

Robert Wright critiques the U.S.’s aggressive use of sanctions in Venezuela.

Debating the merits of impeachment

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter ask whether Trump should be impeached for inciting the Capitol riot.

The welcome platitudes of Joe Biden

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss the conciliatory tone of Biden’s inauguration address.

Human rights gone wrong

Robert Wright and Marissa Conway discuss how a feminist approach to foreign policy could help protect human rights without resorting to military force.

Wrang-wranging the rioters

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus try to untangle what went on inside the Capitol on January 6.

A MAGA scorned

Matt Lewis and Bill Scher discuss whether the Republican Party is better off banning Donald Trump from running for president again.

How close are we to China-level censorship?

Robert Wright and Conor Friedersdorf discuss the unprecedented power that tech companies have over speech in the US.

“We’re storming the Capitol, it’s a revolution!”

Aryeh Cohen-Wade and historian Bill Black discuss the possible mindsets of the MAGA insurrectionists.


What do trans people and QAnon believers have in common?

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Nikita Petrov and John Horgan talk about how people search for new social roles when the old ones get suffocating.


Sex, death, and science

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Nikita Petrov talks to John Horgan about his new book, Pay Attention: Sex, Death, and Science, which contextualizes big philosophical questions within the everyday thoughts of a science writer.

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The Glenn Show

How Obama enabled Trump

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Glenn Loury and Daniel Bessner discuss how Obama’s missteps helped pave the way for Trump.

Culturally Determined

Arranged marriages for Millennials

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Justin Murphy describes his new company that arranges marriages for Millennials and Zoomers.

The Wright Show

Trump’s assault on Mike Pence

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Robert Wright argues that Trump purposefully encouraged rioters in the Capitol to direct their ire toward his own vice president.