12 June 2021


We come in peace

In a conversation with Mickey Kaus, Robert Wright argues that humans are in trouble if aliens don't show up sooner or later. Play entire video

Dissecting Darwin

Robert Wright and anthropologist Agustín Fuentes, author of a controversial article on The Descent of Man, try to unpack Darwin’s attitudes on race and genocide.

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Is “information” the key to quantum mechanics?

John Horgan and science writer Philip Ball discuss the roles of consciousness and calculation in quantum mechanics.

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Tea Party 2.0?

In a conversation with Robert Wright, Mickey Kaus makes the case for an anti-woke Tea Party.

Why is Trump so bad at blogging?

Matt Lewis and Bill Scher explore the meaning behind Trump’s blog bust.

“The Language of Privilege”

Nicholas Clairmont discusses his recent essay applying class analysis to “woke” language.

Our COVID debt

Glenn Loury talks to economist Laurence Kotlikoff about the dangers of inflation caused by debt-financed COVID relief.

Will crime make Biden pay?

Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis explore the political implications of the recent increase in crime.

It’s time for a psychological revolution!

In a conversation with Rob Wiblin, a leader of the effective altruism movement, Robert Wright argues that unchecked cognitive biases are pushing the world toward disaster.

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The Glenn Show

In praise of Black humanity

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Glenn Loury, Cornel West, and Teodros Kiros discuss the global cultural impact of Black Americans and the problems of internalized despair that they still confront.


What is it about Kamala?

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Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss why Vice President Kamala Harris seems to attract an outsized amount of attention and criticism.

The Wright Show

China’s war on terror

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In a conversation with Robert Wright, historian David Brophy explains how China justifies its repression of the Uyghurs as part of the international fight against terrorism.

The Wright Show

Trump’s rigged election

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Robert Wright argues that Trump is partly responsible for the absence of moderate candidates in Iran’s upcoming presidential election (and that Biden may be, too).


Hitting the existential brick wall

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Over a slideshow of his work, the artist David Poleski describes a devastating “negative mystical experience” he had in 1974.

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Culturally Determined

Amazon’s total war against unions

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Labor reporter Alex N. Press describes how the company has treated its workers during the pandemic.