17 August 2022


The trouble with “good guys versus bad guys”

Robert Wright and Derek Davison discuss Manichean frameworks in foreign policy discourse. Play entire video

Is the Justice Dept. out of its depth?

Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis assess the outlook for the case against Trump in the wake of the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago.

The company man: sage or sucker?

Robert Wright, Jonah Goldberg, and Mickey Kaus debate the merits of putting commitment to an institution ahead of one’s personal brand.

A midterm bellwether in Kansas?

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss whether a win for abortion rights in Kansas indicates broader midterm gains for Democrats.

The road to economic growth

Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, and economist Richard Wolff debate the relative merits of planned economies and free markets, as well as the rights of workers to determine the fate of the companies they work for.

Styles of excellence

Glenn Loury and physicist Stephon Alexander, author of Fear of a Black Universe: An Outsider’s Guide to the Future of Physics, discuss the racial achievement gap in quantitative fields and how it might be closed.

Social media sins and the Ukraine war

Robert Wright and Rajan Menon discuss how toxic political discourse helps prolong the fighting.

In defense of Clarence Thomas

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter denounce recent ugly attacks on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

My enemy’s enemy

Matt K. Lewis and Bill Scher discuss the risky Democratic strategy of supporting Trumpy Republican primary candidates.

Nonzero (The Wright Show)

Is the Trump raid a bombshell or a dud?

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Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus debate the impact of the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago.

The Glenn Show

Is the BIPOC coalition coming apart?

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Glenn Loury and Manhattan Institute President Reihan Salam discuss the post-George Floyd political realignments that may currently be underway in the US.

Nonzero (The Wright Show)

Pelosi pokes the panda

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Robert Wright and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman assess the wisdom of the House Speaker’s trip to Taiwan.


The case against Biden’s second term

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Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss the argument for Biden bowing out of the 2024 race.

Nonzero (The Wright Show)

A Stop the Steal for the left?

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Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus ask whether liberals and the left could be susceptible to election fraud conspiracies.

Nonzero (The Wright Show)

Shallow debate, deep divisions

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Robert Wright and writer Ross Douthat discuss the state of America’s political discourse.