24 May 2022


The dangerous rhetoric of “replacement”

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss Tucker Carlson’s promotion of replacement theory and that theory’s role in the recent mass shooting in Buffalo. Play entire video

The rival technological visions of the US and China

Robert Wright and Ian Bremmer discuss a theme in Bremmer’s new book The Power of Crisis.

An “Ultra-MAGA” spoiler in PA

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss how Kathy Barnette’s surging poll numbers are complicating the Pennsylvania GOP senate primary.

The Roe v. Wade leak

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter debate whether the ends now justify the means in American politics.

Are Dems ignoring rural voters?

Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis debate whether Barack Obama is responsible for Democrats losing ground in states like Nebraska.

Arming Ukraine

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss the impact of new weapons on the course of the war.

The politics of overturning Roe

Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss whether Republicans will accept judicial victory gracefully or take things too far.

Breaking up with Twitter is hard to do

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss Twitter’s crucial role in helping writers monetize.

The dignities of modernity

Glenn Loury and Greg Thomas, co-founder of the Jazz Leadership Project and senior fellow at the Institute for Cultural Evolution, discuss the past and future of black cultural forms.

The Glenn Show

Social science and the replication crisis

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In this 2015 conversation, Glenn Loury and Daniel Kaufman discuss the replication crisis in psychology and its consequences for the social sciences more broadly.


Was it something he said?

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Matt K. Lewis explains to Bill Scher why, out of all of the fringe members of the GOP, leadership pulled their support from Madison Cawthorn.

The Glenn Show

Whither left populism?

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Glenn Loury and Briahna Joy Gray discuss the reasons behind the Democratic Party’s resistance to progressivism and left populism.

The Wright Show

What if the physical isn’t physical?

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In conversation with Robert Wright, philosopher Bernardo Kastrup explains how to make sense of the (seemingly) material world under a consciousness-only model of reality.


Can Biden go another round?

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Bill Scher, Matt K. Lewis, and Robert Wright discuss whether Joe Biden will be able to handle the rigors of a traditional reelection campaign.