16 April 2021


Should we be mad about the J&J pause?

Bill Scher talks with Matt Lewis about coming to terms with losing out on a J&J vaccine appointment. Play entire video

In this video:

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss the J&J pause, the GOP-corporate rift, and what the Gaetz scandal says about the Republican Party.

The Chauvin trial’s false choice

Robert Wright argues that even if George Floyd was overdosing, Derek Chauvin is accountable for his death.

Is Manchin for real?

Is Sen. Joe Manchin’s latest call for bipartisanship a roadblock to an infrastructure bill, or is it more political kabuki? Bill Scher and Matthew Cooper discuss.

Reframing the DMT experience

Nikita Petrov describes his conflicted relationship with “DMT entities” and how encountering them changed his thoughts on Scientology.

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The replication crisis in experimental psychology

Robert Wright talks with Jesse Singal, author of the new book The Quick Fix, about why so many highly touted findings from psychology haven’t panned out.

The political risks of racial equity legislation

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss how race-based public policy could backfire against Democrats.

“Everything is Jim Crow”

Matt Lewis takes issue with Democrats’ invocation of Jim Crow’s legacy in the current voting rights debate.

To catch a hacker

Robert Wright asks cyber security expert Tim Stevens how confident we can be that Russia was behind the Solar Winds hack.

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Beating a dead horse

Connor Echols and Jessica J. Lee discuss why crippling sanctions haven’t brought North Korea to the table.

The Wright Show

Behind enemy lines

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Robert Wright and Alexander Wolff, author of the new book Endpapers, compare the World War II experiences of their fathers, who fought on opposite sides at the Battle of the Bulge.


The agnosticism of the novelist

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John Horgan talks with novelist and neuroscientist Erik Hoel, author of the new novel The Revelations, about how to reconcile science and fiction.

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Why is Saudi Arabia so afraid of Iran?

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In a conversation with Connor Echols, scholar Madawi al-Rasheed argues that the Saudi monarchy uses its rivalry with Iran to justify repression at home and antagonism abroad.

The Glenn Show

Is “election integrity” code for “disenfranchisement”?

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Glenn Loury and John McWhorter debate whether new election regulations are aimed at suppressing the Black vote.

Culturally Determined

Can there be a Trumpism without Trump?

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade speaks with Matthew Sitman, cohost of the podcast Know Your Enemy.

The Wright Show

Vaccines want to be free

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Robert Wright argues that U.S. lawmakers’ mindless defense of intellectual property rights makes it harder to defeat the pandemic.