5 August 2021


Is free will incompatible with the laws of physics?

John Horgan and physicist Sabine Hossenfelder debate whether a belief in free will requires us to deny some of the fundamental laws of physics.
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Among the influencers

Barrett Swanson, author of the new essay collection Lost in Summerland, discusses his time reporting from a TikTok “collab house.”

A modest proposal

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss JD Vance’s plan to give extra votes to people with children.

The discomforts of conservatism

Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, and journalist Jason Riley discuss the social opprobrium that sometimes makes life uncomfortable for conservatives in academia.

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Make India Great Again

In a conversation with Connor Echols, political scientist Achin Vanaik explains how Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi uses an aggressive foreign policy to appeal to his base at home.

What Babe Ruth’s mother’s adultery teaches us about the history of profanity

Aryeh Cohen-Wade speaks with John McWhorter, author of the new book Nine Nasty Words: English in the Gutter: Then, Now, and Forever.

Pushing back against “disinformation”

Glenn Loury and Richard Epstein discuss critical race theory and the legal history of racial redress in the US.


Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis push back on bipartisan infrastructure deal pessimism.

“In this Ohio diner…”

Aryeh Cohen-Wade speaks with DougJ, who runs the parody Twitter account New York Times Pitchbot, about a lazy trope of reporting on Middle America.


Is Trump too lazy to run again, or too narcissistic to bow out?

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade joins Bill Scher in the DMZ to discuss Trump’s strategy in 2022 and 2024.


Ten tools for embracing your finitude

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Robert Wright and Oliver Burkeman, author of the new book Four Thousand Weeks, discuss some workable time management techniques.

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The Wright Show

Why did Hezbollah intervene in Syria?

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In a conversation with Robert Wright, Rania Khalek argues that the decision had less to do with Iran than most people think.

The Wright Show

Are we stuck with Covid?

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Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss the possibility that Covid vaccines will become a permanent part of life.


Is Putin a mystic?

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Following the revelation that Putin owns a float tank, Nikita Petrov and John Horgan speculate that he may be the Übermensch.

The Wright Show

Law and Order: Global Edition

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Robert Wright and Eli Lake debate whether autocracies violate international rules and norms more than democracies.