21 March 2023


Debating DeSantis

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss the Florida governor’s framing of the Ukraine War as a “territorial dispute”. Play entire video

Reckoning with the atomic bomb

Robert Wright and Ananyo Bhattacharya, author of The Man from the Future, discuss how John von Neumann handled the ethical questions arising from his work on the Manhattan project.

The Scott Adams controversy

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter discuss Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams’s remarks about black people.

Fiery But Mostly Peaceful

On this week’s DMZ, Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis ask: What happened to Tucker Carlson? Plus: Scott Adams’ explanation/excuse; Is Trump back on top in the GOP primary?; Could Fox News lose Trumpists?; And did Biden do the right thing on the DC crime bill?

All sticks, no carrots

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus discuss the Biden administration’s approach to foreign policy.

Blinky, The Three-Eyed Fish

On this week’s DMZ, Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss the East Palestine situation—has it derailed Biden… and Buttigieg? Plus: Trump vs. DeSantis vs. who else? And has CPAC lost its cachet?

When anti-racism comes for anti-racists

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter talk with Villanova Professor Vincent Lloyd about his experience with a seminar gone awry.


Ron DeSantis’s Ukraine Bet

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On this week’s DMZ, Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss the SVB bank crisis—is “wokeness” to blame? Plus: Should DeSantis copy Trump’s “America First” approach to Ukraine? And will we miss Mitch McConnell when he’s gone?

Nonzero (The Wright Show)

Psychoanalyzing ChatGPT

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Robert Wright and psychologist Paul Bloom—author of the new book Psych—discuss current artificial intelligence programs and how they compare to the human mind.

The Glenn Show

Ending 300,000 years of human stagnation

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Glenn Loury and economist Oded Galor discuss humanity’s ancient cycle of economic stagnation and how we escaped it.

Nonzero (The Wright Show)

China, an AI superpower

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Paul Scharre and Robert Wright discuss international competition in the age of smart machines.