22 February 2019


Diversity, but on whose terms?

Kat Rosenfield and Phoebe Maltz Bovy discuss the latest controversy in the world of Young Adult literature. Play entire video

Moving on from the minstrel show

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter discuss whether blackface should be forbidden.

What’s the big emergency?

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss the potential effects of Trump’s national emergency order.

Trump’s Trojan horse

Journalist Max Blumenthal, reporting from Caracas, explains why Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro refused to accept a US aid shipment.

Can we take race out of the criminal justice equation?

Glenn Loury speaks with Kelly Suzanne Saulsberry of the Chicago Commission on Human Relations.

American hypocrisy

How important is moral consistency in foreign policy? Robert Wright and Heather Hurlburt consider.

How Facebook manipulates us

Douglas Rushkoff, author of the new book Team Human, explains.

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A parable about talent

Juliet Lapidos describes the origins of her new novel, Talent, which uses the biblical Parable of the Talents as a frame for a literary detective story.

The power of fictional thinking

Stephen Asma and Rami Gabriel discuss the essential role of narrative in art, literature, and human life.

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Why Bernie is “scary”

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis compare Bernie Sanders’s appeal to Donald Trump’s appeal in the 2016 GOP primary.

Toward a new center-right

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Joshua Cohen speaks with Brink Lindsey, co-author of the new report “The Center Can Hold.”


What is truth, anyway?

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Philosophers Daniel Kaufman and Crispin Sartwell discuss the “true” meaning of truth according to different branches of philosophy.

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Feminine Chaos

Madame Bovary, Gone Girl, and the likeability backlash

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Kat Rosenfield and Hillary Kelly discuss the representation of “terrible women” in literature.


Who survives a public scandal?

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s political fate in an era of rapid online news.

The Wright Show

The hidden variable beneath America’s political divide

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Will Wilkinson discusses the underappreciated importance of population density.