27 September 2023


In Selma, Obama gives a speech for the ages

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Nonzero (The Wright Show)

Biden’s Border Disorder

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Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus also discuss Bob Menendez’s corruption indictment, the issue that could sink Trump’s campaign, the mystery of America’s open border, the state of Ukraine’s international support, and more.

The Glenn Show

Is the “Spirit” of Affirmative Action Dead?

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Is it possible to implement a fairer version of affirmative action without jettisoning race from the process entirely? Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, and literary scholar Tyler Austin Harper debate the question.


Lowered Standards

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What does Rep. Boebert’s groping, the end of the Senate dress code, Kristi Noem’s alleged affair, and VA state legislative candidate Susanna Gibson’s online sex side hustle have in common? Maybe nothing? Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss on this week’s DMZ.