29 April 2017


The fascist next door

Conor Friedersdorf considers the possibility that some people are wired to want an authoritarian state. Play entire video

Trump’s surprising 100 days

Never Trumper John Hawkins says the president is starting to win him over.

The jackboots are coming (maybe)!

Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus on whether Trump will become a despot. Plus: Scaring the immigrants out.

Resist Trump wisely

Political scientist Erica Chenoweth on what the anti-Trump movement can learn from non-violent movements around the world. Plus: It wasn’t Syrians who started Syria’s civil war.

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The left’s Russophobia

David Klion and Michael Tracey debate whether the Trump-Russia story has spun out of control. Plus: Is Trump becoming a neocon?

The end of “America First”?

Robert Wright and Jim Lobe on whether Trump’s foreign policy is taking a globalist turn. Plus: Will Trump put troops in Syria?

Feeling forgetful? Upgrade your brain’s RAM

Science journalists John Horgan and Michael Lemonick, author of The Perpetual Now, on what tech means for memory. Plus: Do your memories make you “you”?

Is the president becoming presidential?

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis consider whether Trump’s leadership is maturing. Plus: Sorry Democrats. Kansas doesn’t mean much.

Culturally Determined

The timelessness of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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Always Sunny writer Megan Ganz on how the show about a gang of jerks delivers what people want. Plus: How writers get screwed in the Netflix age.


How free are we?

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Psychologist David Barash, invoking karma and genes, revises the existentialist view of freedom. Plus: Existentialist bio-Buddhism.

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The Divided States of America?

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Psychologist Troy Campbell says that Americans may be less polarized than they think.

The Wright Show

America the hypocritical?

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Robert Wright and Eli Lake debate whether the U.S. has a double standard when it comes to Iran’s support for Syria. Plus: Must Assad go?


Why the MOAB and the Syria strikes won’t scare Kim Jong-un

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Daniel Drezner says the administration’s posturing isn’t credible. Plus: The end of Turkish democracy?

Culturally Determined

McDonald’s as a community center

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Photojournalist Chris Arnade uses the fast-food chain to talk about America’s cultural divides. Plus: The back-row kids.