24 April 2017


How writers get screwed in the Netflix age

Comedy writer Megan Ganz on the looming Writers Guild strike. Play entire video

America the hypocritical?

Robert Wright and Eli Lake debate whether the U.S. has a double standard when it comes to Iran’s support for Syria. Plus: Must Assad go?

It wasn’t Syrians who started Syria’s civil war

Political scientist Erica Chenoweth says non-violent resistance to Assad was working—until outsiders intervened.

The end of “America First”?

Robert Wright and Jim Lobe on whether Trump’s foreign policy is taking a globalist turn. Plus: Will Trump put troops in Syria?

Why the MOAB and the Syria strikes won’t scare Kim Jong-un

Daniel Drezner says the administration’s posturing isn’t credible. Plus: The end of Turkish democracy?

Is the president becoming presidential?

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis consider whether Trump’s leadership is maturing. Plus: Sorry Democrats. Kansas doesn’t mean much.

Can Trump succeed as a do-nothing president?

Robert Wright and Mark Schmitt consider the minimum his supporters will accept. Plus: Will Bannon get the boot?

What we talk about when we talk about consciousness

Robert Wright and astrophysicist Adam Frank on the difficulty of understanding what is inside our heads. Plus: The ultimate weirdness.

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“The only serious philosophical problem”

Philosophers Massimo Pigliucci and Skye Cleary compare and contrast the Stoic and the existentialist approaches to suicide. Plus: Existentialism vs. Stoicism

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The left’s Russophobia

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David Klion and Michael Tracey debate whether the Trump-Russia story has spun out of control. Plus: Is Trump becoming a neocon?

The Wright Show

Scaring the immigrants out

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Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus debate whether Trump’s tactics are immoral.

Science Faction

Feeling forgetful? Upgrade your brain’s RAM

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Science journalists John Horgan and Michael Lemonick, author of The Perpetual Now, on what tech means for memory. Plus: Do your memories make you “you”?

Culturally Determined

McDonald’s as a community center

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Photojournalist Chris Arnade uses the fast-food chain to talk about America’s cultural divides. Plus: The back-row kids.


Siri says it’s terminal

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Robert Wright and ethicist Wendell Wallach, author of A Dangerous Master, imagine how AI will affect health care. Plus: DIY pandemics.

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Can Trump purge his own party?

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis consider whether the president’s threat to the Freedom Caucus should worry Republicans. Plus: What Trump means for Syria.