10 October 2015


McCarthy’s withdrawal: Tears were shed

Betsy Woodruff describes the chaos in the House in the moments after Kevin McCarthy's bow-out. Play entire video

What to tell your kids about race

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter discuss Ta-Nehisi Coates’s new book, Between the World and Me. Plus: TNC’s gloomy view of race relations.

Political scientists are in deep denial

Paul Glastris, Ed Kilgore and Martin Longman discuss why we’re on unprecedented turf when it comes to the 2016 elections. Plus: Do we need a mass movement on gun control?

Mapping your thoughts

Jonathan Phillips and Steven Frankland discuss the brain’s ability to generate infinite ideas from reusable parts.

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Stoicism in extreme situations

Philosopher Massimo Pigliucci describes Stoic responses to suffering. Plus: Why when it comes to making moral decisions, relying on general rules just won’t work.

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David Foster Wallace’s search for meaning

Robert Wright and D.T. Max, author of the Wallace biography Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story, discuss “This Is Water,” the writer’s famous commencement address. Plus: Wallace and the double-edged sword of self-consciousness.

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Critiquing the “contempt for respectability”

Glenn Loury and John McWhorter criticize the rhetoric of the “mainstream black punditocracy.” Plus: Why Black Lives Matter needs a “second wing.”

“This is gonna get pretty dirty”

Daniel Strauss and Matt Fuller preview fights within the post-Boehner House leadership. Plus: The real reason Boehner is resigning.

A double life

Glenn Loury describes a period in the late ’80s when he was both a Harvard professor and addicted to crack cocaine. Plus: How Glenn lost his faith.

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Foreign Entanglements

The problem with the EU’s immigration “burden-sharing”

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Robert Farley and Nick Clark discuss the European Union’s institutional frameworks for dealing with asylum-seekers from Syria and other crisis-stricken areas.


Why Rubio is immune to Trump’s trolling

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Matt Lewis explains why Rubio’s childlike, “bad boy” quality leaves him unscathed by attacks from The Donald.

Rise of the “transpartisan issue”

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Mark Schmitt and Katherine Mangu-Ward discuss the cross-aisle coalitions forming around criminal justice reform and defense spending. Plus: How Congress is delving into space property rights.


Evaluating Fiorina on Planned Parenthood

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis analyze her controversial statement about abortion. Plus: Will Boehner’s exit truly change anything?

Washington Monthly

Can Clinton reassemble the Obama coalition?

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Paul Glastris, Ed Kilgore, and Nancy LeTourneau consider. Plus: Against the canonization of Saint Boehner.