11 February 2016


Wealth as a sign of God’s blessing

Journalist Sarah Posner explains how Donald Trump has exposed rifts in the evangelical movement.
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A scientifically respectable “higher purpose”

Robert Wright makes the case for a teleology that doesn’t involve “spooky forces.”

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Shortage of meaning

Paul Froese, author of On Purpose, investigates why the American poor have more stuff, but less sense of meaning than the poor of the world. Plus: No time for death anxiety.

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Who’s surging in New Hampshire?

Betsy Woodruff and Daniel Strauss talk about the Republican candidates jostling for position in the upcoming primary. Plus: Clinton’s Wall Street speaking fees.

How Rubio’s caution could be hurting him

National Review’s Alexis Levinson says Marco Rubio’s avoidance of saying anything wrong can make it seem like he’s not saying anything at all. Plus: Too early to write off Jeb?

A defense of hypocrisy

Mathematicians Glen Whitney and John Allen Paulos consider why we should expect people to be inconsistent. Plus: Are we ruled by coincidence?

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Why you shouldn’t be afraid of ISIS

Michael Cohen says GOP fear mongering has reached new heights in the foreign policy arena. Plus: Why Iowa doesn’t matter.

Does Jeb still have a shot?

Daniel Strauss says Jeb Bush may still have a path to the nomination. Plus: Who will take down Trump?

MIA: The Trump and Sanders foreign policy teams

Daniel Drezner says there seems to be a groundswell of support for candidates who reject expertise. Plus: Would you work for Trump?

10th Anniversary

“What’s your greatest hope for the next 10 years?”

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For our tenth anniversary, we asked some of BhTV’s oldest friends to reflect on the past decade.

The Glenn Show

Trust funds for all?

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Sandy Darity outlines his proposal for alleviating wealth disparity in the U.S. Plus: Why your parents really matter.


Finding meaning inside the Beltway

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Heather Hurlburt on the hidden spiritual lives of public servants. Plus: the importance of being hokey.

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Just toughen up?

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Philosophers Massimo Pigliucci and Daniel Fincke consider the difference between being stoic and being a Stoic. Plus: Advice on dealing with loss.

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Why reporters shouldn’t be nice

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Bill Scher and Alexis Levinson say hard-hitting questions from debate moderators are totally fair. Plus: Why Trump’s debate boycott was a “great call.”

Is Trump winning in the post-ideological game?

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Katherine Mangu-Ward and Mark Schmitt try to explain the Trump phenomenon. Plus: What are the chances for criminal justice reform?