4 October 2015


Mapping your thoughts

Jonathan Phillips and Steven Frankland discuss the brain’s ability to generate infinite ideas from reusable parts.
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David Foster Wallace and the double-edged sword of self-consciousness

Robert Wright speaks with D.T. Max, author of the Wallace biography Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story.

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Evaluating Fiorina on Planned Parenthood

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis analyze her controversial statement about abortion. Plus: Will Boehner’s exit truly change anything?

Why Black Lives Matter needs a “second wing”

John McWhorter argues that the movement is important but incomplete.

Can Clinton reassemble the Obama coalition?

Paul Glastris, Ed Kilgore, and Nancy LeTourneau consider. Plus: Against the canonization of Saint Boehner.

A double life

Glenn Loury describes a period in the late ’80s when he was both a Harvard professor and addicted to crack cocaine. Plus: How Glenn lost his faith.

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Are we hard-wired for random acts of kindness?

Robert Wright and David Sloan Wilson debate human nature. Plus: What The Selfish Gene leaves out.

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The darkest fifteen minutes of Andrew Sullivan’s life

Sullivan describes a crisis of Christian faith he experienced in the midst of the AIDS epidemic. Plus: Why Pope Francis is so beloved.

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For Republican voters, familiarity breeds disinterest

Daniel Strauss and Jessie Opoien discuss why Walker sank so quickly. Plus: Is Walker a viable VP candidate?


“Life is too damn complicated”

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Philosophers Daniel Kaufman and Massimo Pigliucci argue that when it comes to making moral decisions, relying on general rules just won’t work.

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The Asteroid Courts

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Katherine Mangu-Ward describes how Congress is delving into space property rights.

Woodruff & Strauss

“This is gonna get pretty dirty”

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Daniel Strauss and Matt Fuller preview fights within the post-Boehner House leadership. Plus: The real reason Boehner is resigning.


Boehner’s resignation, predicted!

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Two days before news broke, Matt Lewis speculated that the Speaker would resign after the Pope’s address to Congress. Plus: Why conservatives shouldn’t attack Pope Francis.

Washington Monthly

Uncharted waters

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What does it mean that the three GOP front-runners have zero elective experience? Ed Kilgore and Sarah Posner consider. Plus: The “apocalyptic” theory of Walker’s failure.