26 January 2015

What should the GOP look like?

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss Matt's vision for a more inclusive Republican Party. Plus: “I know, because I won both of them.” Play entire video

The Oscars as “Employee of the Month” awards

On the debut of Culturally Determined, Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Elizabeth Cantwell analyze the unbearable whiteness of the Academy Award nominations. Plus: Poetry’s changing place in American culture.   Play entire video

Moral quandaries around a Kony crony

Mark Leon Goldberg and David Bosco discuss the case of Dominic Ongwen, a Lord’s Resistance Army commander who was once a child soldier and now faces war crimes charges. Plus: The irony of the Palestinians joining the ICC.   Play entire video

The real threat to cops? Car accidents

Glenn Loury and Tracey Meares consider the risks of being a police officer. Plus: Why are the cops still so racially polarizing?   Play entire video

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The climate fight moves to the states

Neil Bhatiya and Tim Kovach talk about states that are acting on climate change in the face of federal inaction. Plus: America’s weird culture of climate skepticism.   Play entire video

Bibi’s Parisian faux pas

Robert Wright and Ron Kampeas discuss Netanyahu’s appeal to French Jews to emigrate to Israel. Plus: Terrorism in Paris and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.   Play entire video

Does Marty Peretz have a “broken heart” on race?

Robert Wright and Jeet Heer discuss The New Republic‘s vexed racial history. Plus: How the new atheists fetishize religion.   Play entire video

Divergent French and American views of offensive speech

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Robert Wright and Jeet Heer discuss why offensively stereotypical cartoons are much more prevalent in France. Plus: The Paris murders and self-censorship.   Play entire video

Has Chris Christie become a national joke?

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis debate. Plus: The anti-Boehner revolt and conservative apocalypticism.   Play entire video

Woodruff & Strauss

Do Republicans have foot-in-mouth disease?

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And does it sometimes help the conservative cause? Betsy Woodruff and Alexis Levinson consider.   Play entire video


Is the US making things worse in Yemen?

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Heather Hurlburt and Daniel Drezner discuss the deteriorating situation in the war-torn country, including whether American drones are fueling the conflict.   Play entire video

Debating a financial transaction tax

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Mark Schmitt and Katherine Mangu-Ward debate levying a very small tax on every Wall Street trade. Plus: Ohio bartender tries to poison John Boehner—what?!?   Play entire video

Rational Actors

Did Grubergate doom the current CBO chief?

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Kevin Glass and Danny Vinik discuss how Jonathan Gruber’s controversial comments may have cost Doug Elmendorf his job. Plus: Don’t hate the CBO players, hate the CBO game.   Play entire video

What Serial didn't reveal about Adnan, Hae, and Jay

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade speaks with Rabia Chaudry, the lawyer who helped launch the world’s most popular podcast. Plus: What went wrong at Adnan Syed’s trial?   Play entire video

Woodruff & Strauss

Why Tea Partiers turned against Steve Scalise

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Betsy Woodruff and Daniel Strauss explore why John Boehner stood behind Scalise, who has been linked to white supremacists, while Tea Partiers did not. Plus: Boehner’s close call.   Play entire video