16 April 2014

The geeks have won

So why do they still view themselves as cultural victims? Michael Brendan Dougherty and Freddie deBoer consider, with reference to Game of Thrones and Nate Silver. Play entire video

Franco-Rwandan tensions

Why did France withdraw from the commemoration of the Rwandan genocide? Jina Moore discusses with Mark Goldberg. Plus: Is Rwanda getting more repressive?   Play entire video

Are dynasties a threat to American democracy?

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis debate the implications of a presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Plus: Rise of the Ubertarians.   Play entire video

What “neocon” means now

Matt Duss and Rob Farley respond to Reihan Salam’s recent piece, “Why I Am Still a Neocon.” Plus: No, Israel doesn’t need old American B-52s.   Play entire video

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Do newsrooms need racial quotas?

Gabriel Arana floats a controversial idea. Plus: Journalism’s diversity problem.   Play entire video

Can the right accept Obamacare?

Kevin Glass and Danny Vinik examine whether the GOP will continue trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Plus: Paul Ryan’s political ambitions.   Play entire video

Did Ezra Klein save Obamacare?

Bill Scher and Justin Green debate the effect of Klein’s critical reporting on’s early failures. Plus: Does Paul Ryan secretly want Obamacare to work?   Play entire video

Is there such a thing as a “culture of poverty”?

Glenn Loury and Harold Pollack weigh in on the debate sparked by Paul Ryan. Plus: Who are the real “takers”?   Play entire video

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Doing well by doing good

Mark Linsenmayer and John Glazer discuss social entrepreneurship. Plus: Ice cream with a social conscience.   Play entire video


A new sultan in Turkey?

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Michael Brooks and Steven Cook analyze Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s towering self-conception. Plus: “It’s the economy, stupid!” in Turkish.   Play entire video

Democracy in America

The surprising source of money in politics

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Who’s spending the most money to influence local races? Hint: It’s not the Koch brothers. Greg Marx and Gordon Witkin discuss. Plus: New Jersey’s good government.   Play entire video


Putin’s war on Russian civil society

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David Klion and Linda Kinstler are pessimistic about the future of the liberal opposition in Moscow. Plus: The Kremlin’s plan to carve up Ukraine.   Play entire video

The Good Fight

What’s the best way to help the working poor?

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Timothy Noah and Glenn Loury debate raising the minimum wage. Plus: The threat of robot burger flippers.   Play entire video

Does property really exist?

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Elizabeth Stoker and Matt Bruenig consider secular and Christian perspectives. Plus: A modest proposal for the contraception debate.   Play entire video

The Mind Report

Do we know what will make us happy?

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Laurie Santos talks to Nicholas Epley, author of the new book Mindwise, about how we misread our own minds. Plus: What’s that self-driving car thinking?   Play entire video