30 October 2014

Will cops and minority communities ever get along?

Glenn Loury talks to Joshua Cohen about reestablishing trust in the police in the wake of Michael Brown's death. Play entire video

“Michael Brown is not Rosa Parks”

Glenn Loury and Harold Pollack discuss the strategy of trying to build a social justice movement around Brown’s death. Plus: Exacerbating the Ebola epidemic?   Play entire video

A Republican meltdown in Kansas?

Kevin Glass and Sam Lachman discuss how midterm races in Kansas are scrambling partisan identities. Plus: The candidate who wouldn’t run a negative ad.   Play entire video

Do Canadians believe that terrorism is “blowback”?

Robert Wright speaks to Canadian journalist Jonathan Kay about reaction to the attack on Canada’s parliament. Plus: The week that Canada changed forever?   Play entire video

Why the GOP would rather “lose boring”

Matt Lewis explains his theory about why the Republican establishment prefers bland candidates. Plus: If the GOP wins in 2014, what does it mean for 2016?   Play entire video

What anti-Semites and hardcore Zionists have in common

Conor Friedersdorf and Mark Oppenheimer consider Jewish identity and support for Israel. Plus: Why we want Jon Stewart to host Meet the Press.   Play entire video

How airline names came to be on credit cards

Pioneering banker Richard Vague recalls the origins of co-branded cards. Plus: Is China’s economy about to collapse?   Play entire video

Will runoff elections ruin Christmas?

Betsy Woodruff and Daniel Strauss talk about how control of the Senate may not be decided until January. Plus: Gay Republican embroiled in sexual harassment scandal.   Play entire video

Do Republicans do better when Americans are afraid?

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis consider. Plus: The strange saga of Charlie Crist’s portable fan.   Play entire video

Woodruff & Strauss

Should we welcome our new robot overlords?

playBhTV video

Daniel Strauss talks to Kevin Roose, who recently interviewed tech entrepreneur Marc Andreessen about the future of automation.   Play entire video


Zombies and Ebola

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Daniel Drezner says that his book “Theories of International Politics and Zombies” eerily predicted how Americans would react to Ebola. Plus: The weird politics of Ebola quarantines.   Play entire video


How social media is changing Mexican politics

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Mexican journalist Ana Francisca Vega argues that Twitter is empowering Mexican citizens. Plus: Gangster government in Mexico.   Play entire video

The politicization of Ebola

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Adrianna McIntyre and Yevgeniy Feyman discuss the domestic politics of the disease outbreak. Plus: Why don’t we have an Ebola vaccine?   Play entire video

The Posner Show

The Church’s path to opposing contraception

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Sarah Posner talks to Patricia Miller about how Catholic teaching on contraception became stricter than ever under Pope John Paul II. Plus: Whose Catholic Church will it be?   Play entire video


Putin’s savvy restriction of food imports

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Russian democracy activist Alexey Sidorenko describes how Vladimir Putin is using European Union sanctions to his advantage. Plus: Scenes from a Russian anti-war march.   Play entire video