18 September 2014

Fighting ISIS vs. fighting Ebola

Conor Friedersdorf and Jamelle Bouie compare America's response to two different threats. Play entire video

Flukiness is next to Godliness

John Horgan and George Johnson lament being likened to creationists for embracing the improbability of life’s existence. Plus: Programmed for war?   Play entire video

The GOP Senate’s first move

Betsy Woodruff and Sahil Kapur predict what will happen if Republicans win the Senate. Plus: A Republican wave?   Play entire video

The GOP targets the center

Bill Scher and Matt Lewis wonder if a Republican-controlled Senate would be influenced by the more moderate positions some GOP candidates are taking on issues like birth control and the minimum wage. Plus: Has Obama stuck to his guns?   Play entire video

As Scotland goes, so goes Quebec?

On the eve of the Scottish independence referendum, Robert Wright and Alex Massie talk about a “yes” vote’s potential domino effect on secessionist movements around the world. Plus: Will Great Britain break up?   Play entire video

The evolution of lying

Humans aren’t the only liars in the animal kingdom. Tom Flower describes the treachery of the fork-tailed drongo.   Play entire video

Do we need ICBMs for deterrence in Europe?

Robert Farley and Al Mauroni debate whether the U.S. can afford to shed some of its nuclear arsenal, and what message it would send to other countries. Plus:  Nuclear calculus in Ukraine.   Play entire video

A shocking upset in Illinois?

On the premiere of Woodruff & Strauss, Betsy Woodruff and Daniel Strauss analyze the Illinois governor’s race. Plus: Sexual harassment on Capitol Hill.   Play entire video

Mean cops

In the wake of Michael Brown’s death, Glenn Loury and John McWhorter consider bad police officers (NSFW). Plus: Is it time to take Al Sharpton seriously?   Play entire video

Could Israel/Palestine be like the European Union?

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Lisa Goldman speaks with Dov Waxman and Dahlia Scheindlin about “soft partition” as an alternative to the two-state solution.   Play entire video


Threats to Hong Kong’s economic freedom

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Robert Wright speaks with Edward C.K. Chin, a Hong Kong banker turned democracy activist, about Beijing’s heavy hand. Plus: Democracy demotion in Hong Kong.   Play entire video

Rational Actors

When journalists take sides

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Kevin Glass and Steve Gutowski debate whether gaming journalists and politics journalists have something in common: an inability to see their own biases. Plus: GamerGate and the feminist critique of video-game culture.   Play entire video

The Glenn Show

The case against MOOCs

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William Deresiewicz, author of Excellent Sheep, on the downside of massive open online courses. Plus: What’s wrong with elite universities.   Play entire video


Skin in the game

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss the 2016 Republican contenders, and Matt outlines the most important trait for winning: getting back up after being knocked down. Plus: The optics of foreign policy.   Play entire video

The Wright Show

Do you ever click?

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Ethan Zuckerman explains why Internet advertising doesn’t work. Plus: Buying and spying.   Play entire video