29 March 2017


The hermit’s mind

Howard Axelrod, author of The Point of Vanishing, explains how two years alone in the woods changed the way he sees the world.
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The electorate has spoken

Ann Althouse says the Resistance is resisting democracy, not just Trump.

How do you say “quid pro quo” in Russian?

Robert Wright and journalist Marcy Wheeler on possible Trump administration corruption. Plus: What Comey revealed about the Trump-Russia investigation.

The errors of Daniel Dennett

Massimo Pigliucci critiques the philosopher’s views on consciousness.

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You’re what’s wrong with Twitter

Emily Parker reflects on what running a “troll-free” site taught her about how human nature hinders civil discourse online.

Medicaid the Republican way

Glenn Loury and Harold Pollack discuss how block grants would affect health care for the poor.

Does Chicago need a crackdown?

Glenn Loury and Alden Loury debate how to stop the shootings. Plus: Life on the South Side.

What Trump should learn from Bill Clinton

Bill Scher explains how the former president’s legislative failures could guide the administration on health care. Plus: Paul Ryan’s bubble.


Erasing war memories

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Robert Wright and philosopher Matthew Liao raise ethical questions about using biotech to make better soldiers. Plus: Get cat vision, save the planet.

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Will Trump go big and then go home?

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis on whether the president has promised too much. Plus: Trump to House: Be afraid.

The Glenn Show

Carrot or stick?

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Economists Glenn Loury and Robert Cherry on the debate over how social programs should shape behavior. Plus: Who needs college?

Trump, Storyteller-in-Chief

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Robert Wright and economist Andrés Rondón on why political narratives don’t need much in the way of facts. Plus: Is Trump America’s Hugo Chávez?


The prison of belief

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Journalist Tony Ortega talks about the literal and metaphorical bars that keep people in Scientology. Plus: The sci-fi religion.

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Does Trump want to stay short-staffed?

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Heather Hurlburt and Daniel Drezner consider whether there’s a strategy behind the slow pace of appointments. Plus: Send in “The Kushner“!