25 May 2015
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Video from inside the Chrysler Building spire, yo!

More video on the web …

Science Faction

A new hope for cancer therapy?

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John Horgan and George Johnson discuss promising new treatments that could help the immune system fight the disease.   Play entire video

The Wright Show

Is Twitter a waste of time?

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Robert Wright and Ann Althouse debate. Plus: Is David Letterman a nihilist?   Play entire video

Woodruff & Strauss

Why Clinton’s media strategy is self-defeating

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Betsy Woodruff and Daniel Strauss analyze Hillary Clinton’s policy of rarely taking questions from the press.   Play entire video


Fox News doesn’t go easy on GOP contenders

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Bill Scher and Matt Lewis discuss Fox’s recent interviews with Bush, Rubio, and Walker. Plus: Maybe Jeb Bush doesn’t really want to be president.   Play entire video

Rational Actors

“Due process has gone out the window”

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Ashe Schow makes the case against campus sexual assault tribunals. Plus: Should colleges be adjudicating rape cases?   Play entire video