11 February 2016


Robert Farley (Lawyers, Guns and Money, University of Kentucky) and Matthew Duss (Foundation for Middle East Peace)

On Foreign Entanglements, Rob and Matt run down the most important events of 2012. Matt reviews Egypt’s uneven transition to democracy. Is Egypt the center of gravity for the Arab Awakening, or should we be paying more attention to Qatar? Rob pivots to the Obama administration’s Asia pivot. Why have foreign policy liberals embraced the possible nomination of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense? Plus: Rob and Matt debate their favorite movies of 2012 and Matt describes his favorite music of the year.

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Recorded:Dec 31    Posted:Jan 1, 2013
Foreign Entanglements | Jan 1, 2013 | Robert Farley & Matthew Duss

10th Anniversary

“What’s your greatest hope for the next 10 years?”

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For our tenth anniversary, we asked some of BhTV’s oldest friends to reflect on the past decade.

The Glenn Show

Trust funds for all?

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Sandy Darity outlines his proposal for alleviating wealth disparity in the U.S. Plus: Why your parents really matter.


A scientifically respectable “higher purpose”

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Robert Wright makes the case for a teleology that doesn’t involve “spooky forces.”

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