29 April 2016


Sarah Posner (sarahposner.com, God's Profits) and David Gushee (Mercer University, Associated Baptist Press, davidpgushee.com)

On The Posner Show, Sarah talks with Christian ethicist David Gushee about the Louie Giglio inauguration controversy. Giglio’s primary issue has been activism against human trafficking, which David calls “the ultimate consensus issue.” But the religious right’s litmus test for evangelicals forces them to choose between inclusion in their evangelical community and speaking their mind. Sarah and David discuss why the right’s persecution narratives are toxic, and David describes how conservative evangelicals have been “dethroned from cultural hegemony.” Should we even be having a public prayer at the inauguration? Will the Giglio incident make it harder for Democrats to reach out to white evangelicals? Plus: David’s challenge to his fellow evangelicals.

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Recorded:Jan 15    Posted:Jan 17, 2013
The Posner Show | Jan 17, 2013 | Sarah Posner & David Gushee

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