24 April 2024


Bloggingheads.tv videos — September 2012


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Sep 6, 2012 — Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis
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On The DMZ, Bill reports live from Charlotte on the Democratic National Convention. How important is the platform fight over the word “God” and the status of Jerusalem? Matt argues that the DNC has not been the great success that many in the media claim. Bill counters that Democrats are standing behind their record. So how will it play in middle America? Plus: Why political conventions are still worth it.

Sep 4, 2012 — Glenn Loury & Laurence Kotlikoff
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The Glenn Show
Glenn and Larry discuss the LIBOR rate-fixing scandal. Larry gets into the details about how LIBOR works, lamenting a lack of transparency in the gigantic global financial derivatives market. Larry tells how his visit to the Goldman Sachs trading floor made him sick to his stomach. They use the Tylenol drug tampering crisis to explicate our banking woes. Larry explains why leverage plus opacity plus limited liability is a formula for perpetual financial crisis, and recommends creating a financial version of the FDA to certify the “health” of financial instruments. Glenn and Larry outline why banking is different than any other kind of business.
Sep 2, 2012 — Mike Konczal & Michael Grunwald
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Fireside Chats
On Fireside Chats, Mike talks to Michael Grunwald about his new book, The New New Deal. What was actually in President Obama’s stimulus bill? Despite conservative criticism of Solyndra, Michael defends Obama’s investments in clean energy. To what extent was the stimulus designed with Obama’s broader policy agenda in mind? Mike asks about a range of liberal critiques of the bill. Has Obama created a new social contract comparable to FDR’s New Deal?
Sep 1, 2012 — Matthew Duss & Meir Javedanfar
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Foreign Entanglements
On Foreign Entanglements, Matt and Meir discuss the new IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear program. Meir is concerned that war with Iran has become an identity issue for some Americans. Turning to the recent Non-Aligned Movement conference in Tehran, they discuss the surprising roles of Ban Ki-moon and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Matt argues that Obama’s strategy of diplomatic engagement at the UN has been vindicated. Is Israel or the US ever likely to bomb Iran? Matt worries that the tension between US and Israeli red lines increases the risk of war.