29 May 2023


Bloggingheads.tv videos — October 2012


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Oct 20, 2012 — Adam Serwer & Matthew Schmitz
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On Adamize, Adam and Matthew discuss Romney’s comments on contraception during the second debate. Matthew links Romney’s Mormonism to his position on abortion. Looking ahead to the third debate, Matthew predicts Obama will win due to an edge on foreign policy. Which candidate would actually do more to rebuild the economy? Romney linked gun violence to single mothers, but Adam and Matthew wonder why he didn’t talk about the war on drugs instead. The news of Dinesh D’Souza’s sex scandal and resignation provokes a bit of d’schadenfreude from Adam, and Matthew explains how D’Souza earned his following among social conservatives in the first place.
Oct 19, 2012 — Matthew Duss & Daveed Gartenstein-Ross
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Foreign Entanglements
On Foreign Entanglements, Matt and Daveed talk Benghazi. Daveed argues that reports of Al Qaeda’s death have been greatly exaggerated. What did Al Qaeda learn from Iraq about governing? They move on to the presidential debate—was Candy Crowley right to factcheck Romney? Daveed and Matt describe what they’d like to see in Monday’s foreign policy debate, and highlight a big divide between Romney and Obama on international institutions. Plus: Daveed explains why the first debate was much better than the second.
Oct 18, 2012 — Glenn Loury & John McWhorter
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The Glenn Show
On The Glenn Show, Glenn and John discuss the presidential debates. John was shocked that the president seemed in need of a teleprompter in the first debate. Glenn, citing Bayesian statistics, explains why Obama’s poor performance rightly hurt his credibility with undecided voters. Is what happens in debates actually relevant to the performance of presidential duties? John and Glenn discuss the merits of the Obama campaign’s “we inherited a mess” argument. Glenn laments the powerful influence of political advertising. John admires Joe Biden’s debating skills, while Glenn thinks Biden was obnoxious and patronizing. The two conclude with their forecast of the outcome of the coming election.
Oct 17, 2012 — Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis
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On The DMZ, Bill and Matt recap the second presidential debate and Candy Crowley’s moderating. Was Crowley right to reject the rules agreed upon before the debate? And were any of the attendees in Long Island actually undecided voters? They discuss the implications of Romney’s attempt to distance himself from George W. Bush. Bill attacks Romney’s tax plan, and Matt points out that the entire debate felt uncomfortably confrontational.